Late-Night Burnaby Walkers Pull Together, Perhaps Saving a Life?

Thank goodness for good neighbours!

As I was walking home from work around 10:45pm after a late shift tonight, I came across a fellow lying in the dirt on the urban trail behind our place, unconscious.

Another gentleman was already there and on the phone to 911.

The two of us stayed with the unconscious fellow, answering questions from 911, and tilting the fellow’s head back and doing a few chest compressions (per 911 instructions) for he wasn’t breathing well, while paramedics were on their way.

We told 911 that the guy on the ground had a lighter in one hand, and a crack pipe in the other. . .

Two other folks came walking by, and after we told them help was on the way, they immediately split up, knowing the exact spot would be difficult for paramedics to find.

One went up a path leading through a townhouse complex toward Rumble St., and the other went toward the Skytrain line, in case the paramedics came that way.

Help arrived fast, folks guided the responders to the site, and our little improv band got out of the way as the professionals took over.

Thank you south #Burnaby late-night walkers! And thank you Burnaby first responders!