Snow Geese, Hawk, Eagles n More at Iona Beach

I had a rewarding photo shoot at Iona Beach Regional Park near YVR today. It’s part of Metro Vancouver’s amazing regional parks system.

The previous post was of the lush blue skies and mountains, while this one focusses on some of the bird life I encountered today.

hawk iona beach yvr
I spotted this gorgeous hawk as I was leaving.

bald eag;es iona beach yvr
Bald Eagles

snow goose iona beach yvr
There were hundreds of Snow Geese

anna's hummingbird iona beach yvr
Anna’s Hummingbird

golden-crowned sparrow Iona beach yvr
Golden-Crowned Sparrow doing a fan dance. . .

Reconciling Driving with Climate Change

I had some errands to run today, and I have to admit that I took the long route. A very long route. Sigh.


Yes, I know, driving is not environmentally sound. I’ve always loved to drive, and did numerous multi-thousand kilometer trips in my teens and early 20s.

When I lived in Saskatchewan I drove to Toronto and Montreal several times to visit family. Also drove to BC to visit family many times.

Back in the mid-80s I got a degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, and did a year of writing at the University of Victoria. Both those adventures entailed long-distance driving – – in opposite directions from Saskatchewan.

And to be honest, I’d like to do a few more road trips as I approach my silver years.

Yukon trip. . . Cross-Canada trip. . .

We have a hybrid vehicle, but there’s still environmental impact. We have friends who have an electric car that they power with solar panels to a great extent. That would be great, but not in our budget now.

Ever since the “stay home” recommendations came into force in BC we’ve stayed within about a 45-minute radius of home, and limit stops and interactions.

Looking forward to more extended road trips if and when restrictions ease. . .