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SEHAB Meeting on the Sunshine Coast, BC

We had a SEHAB (Salmonid Enhancement & Habitat Advisory Board) meeting on the Sunshine Coast over the last weekend.

SEHAB meeting Sunshine Coast BC

We stayed at the wonderful Linwood House, visited the Chapman Creek hatchery, and participated in a Sockeye fry release into Sakinaw Lake.

SEHAB is a volunteer board that represents DFO Community Advisors’ geographical areas from across British Columbia. Board members receive no compensation, but meeting expenses are covered. We have a fabulous treasurer who stretches our modest meeting budget.

The board meets three times a year, collating information from community stewardship groups, and taking key issues to DFO Regional Headquarters to inform mangement and the Minister.

I have had the priviledge of being on the board initially as an alternate and then a full member for about 12 years now. The breadth of fishy experience and knowledge in the room is amazing, and I am always learning.

For example, I was not aware that Sakinaw Lake sockeye are on the verge of extinction. The restocking effort by volunteers and DFO is an attempt to stave this off, but the outlook is not good with climate change warming the lake to temperatures detrimental to salmon. Fingers crossed. . .

Thanks to all the local folks who shared their good work with us!

Overnight Camping Trip to Manning Park – Moose, Beaver ‘n Birds

We took an overnight camping trip to E.C. Manning Park, staying at the new Hampton camground. Nice new washrooms with showers, eh? 🙂

We hiked around the area several times over the course of the two days. Here are a few shots.

beaver lightning lake mannig park bc
Cool to see a beaver in Lightning Lake

Clark's Nutcracker Lightning Lake Manning Park BC
It was fun watching these Clark’s Nutcrackers. The juvenile kept begging for food though it was surrounded by buds. The adult would pick one and feed  the juvie. . .

moose beaver pond manning park bc
We walked the Beaver Pond trail, and at one point I spotted what appeared to be a large beast off in the distance. I fired off several shots from long range, but it wasn’t until we got home that I realized it was a moose. While apparently sightings are not common in the area, there are a few now and then.

red-breasted sapsucker manning park bc
A brilliant Red-breasted Sapsucker

gray jay manning park bc
A Gray Jay, aka Canada Jay

paul yumi canyon nature loop manning park
The bridge on the Canyon Nature Loop