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Birds at Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC

We walked the forest and fields of the Historic Stewart Farm in south Surrey, BC. Lots of birds!

anna's hummingbird surrey bc
Anna’s Hummingbird. Of course it wouldn’t sit still but when it was momentarily enchanted by Yumi’s bright red Santa toque, I got this shot.

american wigeon surrey bc
American Wigeon

brown creeper surrey bc
Brown Creeper

chickadee surrey bc
Black-Capped Chickadee

junco surrey bc

common loon surrey bc
There were at least six Common Loons in the Nicomekl River

northern flicker surrey bc
Northern Flicker

moody late afternoon sky surrey bc
Moody sky as we headed home

Emulate Your Grandmom’s Generation For a Few Weeks, Eh?

In these tough Covid times, let’s remember that our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents went through wars, destitution, starvation, and starting new lives literally living in holes in the ground in what is now western Canada.

Too many of us have no clue about the sacrifices made by so many to get us to where we are today.

There was no telephone, for most no radio, no TV, of course no Internet, no cell phones. . .

And no grocery stores or supermarkets. So what are we all bitching about?

How soft and entitled have we gotten in a few generations?
Can we not all collectively sit on our asses for a couple of weeks, wear masks in public, and get this done?