Post-Storm Walk on Byrne Creek in Burnaby

We did a spawner patrol today on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC. Lots of downed trees on trails, and one big one down in our townhouse complex — not sure how much damage.

moving water byrne creek burnaby bc
Playing with low ISO, low shutter speeds

lichen byrne creek burnaby bc
I love how this looks like a tiny bonsai. Am told it’s likely a type of fruticose lichen.

bald eagle byrne creek burnaby bc
Bald Eagle high above the creek

red-tailed hawk byrne creek burnaby bc
Red-tailed Hawk above the creek

northern flcker feeder byrne creek burnaby bc
Northern Flicker at a feeder in the ‘hood

wind downed tree burnaby bc
The big tree that came down overnight in our complex

Putting 5.11 Tactical Pants to Rest

I put a pair of 5.11 Tactical Pants to rest today.

Sigh. . . I have two pairs, and one pair was so worn with multiple patches that it finally bit the dust.

The seat was so worn that you could almost see through it, and though I like to think I have a cute butt. . . 🙂

These are amazing pants. They have, like, a bazillion pockets, and when I had them fully loaded, they probably weighed over 5kg 🙂.
I rotated between the two pairs, wearing them nearly daily for years and years.

Hiking, camping, streamkeeping. . . Wedding and event photography because they looked nice enough to wear with a blazer, yet could carry extra batteries and flash units in all those pockets.

Eyeing a new pair. . .