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Burnaby Urban Trail Ramble

Today’s maintaining physical distance walk.

To shake things up a bit we went beneath the Skytrain tracks from our place near Edmonds Station in SE Burnaby nearly all the way to Metrotown. The urban trail is wide, and in about an hour of walking we saw perhaps half a dozen joggers, three or four walkers, and only a couple of cyclists.

thrush burnaby bc

spring blossoms burnaby bc

empty road burnaby bc
This stretch was eerily quiet, even for a Sunday. It’s usually parked up with movie industry vehicles. . .

Homemade Mask

The latest in fashion sewed by my wife Yumi. She even inserted a bendy metal strip on the top for a tighter seal. I can now go out in public after eating garlic sausage. . . Thanks, honey!

You will note the environmentally aware bumblebee pattern :-).

The advice on masks has swung back and forth. Yes, they may not protect you from the virus, but at least your exhalations won’t be floating around. . .  And some stores are demanding you wear one before they will let you in, eh?

home made mask