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Hawk, Jays, Flickers and More on SE Burnaby Walk

I got out for my daily perambulation earlier today than usual. Walked around Taylor Park and Byrne Creek Ravine Park in SE Burnaby, BC.

Birds were getting active on a sunny morning!

tagged red-tailed hawk burnaby bc
This Red-tailed Hawk was hanging around near Taylor Park Elementary. It wouldn’t let me get close enough for a good shot, but I could see that it had what appeared to be a YVR relocation tag. There’s a program to move raptors away from the airport for their, and of course, airplane safety.

I asked around my birder buddies, and several put me in touch with the folks running this program. Thanks!

steller's jay northern flicker burnaby bc
Steller’s Jay

Steller’s Jay and Northern Flicker

northern flickers drumming on street lamps
Several Northern Flickers were making their presence known by hammering on street lamps.

early morning sun taylor park burnaby bc
Sun coming over the hill at Taylor Park

Citizens Speak to TV News, Opposing Foreshore Park Development in Burnaby

Amazing citizen presence at Fraser Foreshore Park in #Burnaby, BC, today, speaking out against the City’s plan to turn a significant chunk of park and off-river fish habitat into a waste facility.

It was so cool because none of us knew the others were coming!

Burnaby citizens speak to TV media re saving Foreshore Park from development

There were at least three separate groups who had all been in touch with media. Some coordinating with CityNews, some with CBC TV.

And. . .

We were blessed with circling Bald Eagles, and a pair of Red-tailed Hawks, throughout most of the interviews.

circling red-tailed hawks at fraser foreshore park in buranby bc

bald eagles circling at fraser foreshore park in burnaby bc

How cool is that?!

Burnaby Park Area Proposed for Waste Facility is Designated Ecologically Sensitive

Following up on my previous post about my dismay about hearing that a City of Burnaby staff report recommends removing some 20 acres of parkland to build a composting facility, today I walked the area (as I do several times a month to take wildlife photos.)

UPDATE: it appears to have no special designation. I’m still trying to track down more info on the process in which is was created in the first place. But the signs that have been there for decades certainly point to it being a special place worthy of protection.

Here are some of the signs in the area:

Fraser Foreshore Park ecologically sensitive area signs in Burnaby BC

The first two signs are easy to read. They do not appear to allow bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, and cement trucks.

The last sign is harder to read in a small photo so I’ll share a bit here:

“The eastern portion of Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park is a 16 hectare ecological reserve containing a diversity of habitat types which are becoming scarce on the Fraser River. . . The restored estuary and tidal lagoon are part of a salmonid enhancement project to provide ciritical nutrients and habitat for juvenile salmonids, as well as other fish and wildlife species. . .

“The open meadow adjacent to the lagoon is being managed as an ‘old field’ with the mix of grasses providing food and habitat for small mammals. . . These in turn provide prey for raptors such as hawks and owls. . .

“Please remember that excessive disturbance will prevent the establishment of wildlife communities. . . With the cooperation of all visitors, this ecological reserve will continue to offer unique and fascinating experiences. . . “