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Juvenile Red-tailed Hawks in SE Burnaby, BC

More photos tonight taken from our bedroom window of young Red-tailed Hawks in SE Burnaby, BC.

There are at least two young, shrieking all day long for several days now, as the adults increasingly ignore them to try to get them to fly .  .  .

juvenile red-tailed hawks burnaby bc
At this point they are still learning to fly, and just take short hops of a few meters high up in the trees.

We popped the screen out of the window so I could get unobstructed shots with a Tamron 150-600mm zoom on  a Nikon Z50.

Crows Harassing Red-tailed Hawk in Burnaby, BC

Crows giving a Red-tailed Hawk a warm welcome to the ‘hood in south Burnaby, BC, this morning.

We heard some action before breakfast, and Sora the Cat came dashing in from the balcony when the hawk began screaming.

Later I went for a Byrne Creek walk, and as I neared home, I heard the crows getting fired up again, so I ran inside, grabbed Big Bertha (Tamron 150-600mm on a Nikon Z50) and got these shots from our balcony.

crows harass red-tailed hawk burnaby bc