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Still Some Coho on Byrne Creek

It was a late start to salmon spawning season on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC, this year and we have seen very few fish compared to past years. It’s a mystery that’s troubling.

We saw one chum, and several coho today. We also processed — measured and assessed spawning success — a few dead coho we found.

Unfortunately, this coho female did not spawn before dying. That’s sad to see, particularly since we’ve been getting so few salmon back the last few years.

unspawned female coho byrne creek burnaby

We also saw this big coho on its last fins. It was barely moving.

large coho fungus byrne creek burnaby

NOTE: Streamkeepers have training and permission to monitor spawning salmon and collect data when the fish die. It is illegal to interfere with spawning salmon.

The carcasses are cut in half after they are assessed, to ensure we don’t double count, and are returned to the creek to provide nutrients to the ecosystem.

Milky Spill in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC

Photos of today’s incident in Byrne Creek in SE #Burnaby.

A volunteer streamkeeper on his way to Edmonds Skytrain Station this morning noticed the mess.

Called it in to the City, and hope they can find the source.

From Griffiths Pond near Edmonds Skytrain Station I backtracked it all the way to where the creek first appears above ground near 16th. The flow was from higher than that, and was dissipating by the time I got there.

I have not seen any distressed or dying fish, so we might have dodged a bullet, yet again. This has happened a few times over the last few months. Not good.

We have spawning salmon in the creek, and later I will check the sediment pond further downstream, though if it’s this thick down there I likely won’t be able to see anything.

mikly spill byrne creek burnaby bc
Fish ladder at Griffiths Pond

Heading upstream to where the creek comes out of pipes near 16th.

Eagles, Harriers, Owls at Boundary Bay in Delta, BC

We walked the dike near 72nd along Boundary Bay in Delta, BC, today, and then spent an hour or two at the North 40 Park Reserve. Lots of great “shooting” opportunities!

short-eared owl boundary bay delta bc
This shot of a Short-Eared Owl pursuing a crow is my fave of the day. Dunno if it would actually whack the crow, but it sure looks pissed off : – ).


eagles boundary bay delta bc

I took several hundred shots of Northern Harriers, and these were about the only ones I’d publish : – ).
northern harriers boundary bay delta bc

Love Getting Kids Into Nature

Great times with Stream of Dreams Murals Society building nest boxes at Central Elementary in Coquitlam.

It’s such joy doing the Stream of Dreams watershed education program, and then coming back to a school again and expanding the education and hands-on participation to other habitat enhancement.

The kids built homes for many bird families today. Looking forward to checking out the avian uptake in the spring!

bird boxes