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Great Blue Heron on the Wing

Great Blue Heron Porteau Cove BC

Porteau Cove, BC

A woman who watched me wing-shoot with Big Bertha came up for a chat after the action was over. I don’t often swing that big lens handheld, but occasionally it works out.

I was munching on a samosa in the car, saw the heron coming in from a distance, grabbed the camera, jumped out of the car, and click, click, click.

She said she was interested in learning photography and asked me how long I’d been shooting.

“About 50 years,” I said. 🙂

We had a nice, two-meter chat, and I suggested she take a class or two through a community college to get her feet wet.

Smoke on the Water Series

Smoke on the Water Series.

One Mile Lake, Duffy Lake, Birkenhead Lake, Lillooet River, all north of Whistler, BC, over the last few days.

While the smoke from the massive fires down south makes for moody photos, I’ll be happy when it’s gone. . .

smoky birkenhead lake bc

Above three photos are Birkenhead Lake, BC

smoky duffy lake bc
And a smoky Duffy Lake, BC

smoky lillooet river bc
Lillooet River

smoky one mile lake bc

Above two shots are One Mile Lake near Pemberton, BC

Photos shot over the last few days while camping at Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Guilt is No Way to Run a Business

Trying to guilt people is no way to run a business, or any relationship.

I’ve subscribed to a photography list for several years, and over the last year I’ve received at least two, perhaps three messages along the lines of:

“You haven’t clicked on any of the links in my emails. Seems like you really don’t want to hear from me ever again, so ok . . . I won’t send you more emails.. . . ”

I know times are tough and many folks are struggling. But this approach is just, um, I dunno, counterproductive and sad.

And we don’t need more sad these days.

Give me a positive reason to stay on your list, and click on your micro-money-making links. . .

I’m not much of a link-clicker, but if there was an upside to it, rather than a guilt trip to it, I may click now and then. . .

Today I unsubscribed.

Camping, Canoeing at Lightning Lake, Manning Park, BC

We had the canoe out to Lightning Lake in Manning Park in southern BC. First time we’d taken the canoe out there in a few years and it was gorgeous. We had an afternoon/evening paddle, and a morning paddle. Lots of fish jumping and wildlife.

camping dinner at lightning lake bc

Koji-marinated chicken skewers, yaki udon, and coals-baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Yum!

canoeing lightning lake manning park bc

loons lightning lake manning park bc
Common Loons

grouse lightning lake manning park bc
Yumi spotted three grouse on the shore and we drifted right up to them in the canoe

great blue heron lightning lake manning park bc
Great Blue Heron

spotted sandpiper lightning lake manning park bc
Spotted Sandpiper

dragonfly lightning lake manning park bc
This dragonfly kept following us in our canoe. It seemed to have a crush on Yumi 🙂