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Thank You Coho For Your Bounty

Thank you coho for your bounty.

We blew past our weekly grocery budget down at the dock in Steveston, BC with this beauty, and a bag of BC spot prawns.

We will slowly savour the steaks now and then for months to come.

Yumi will salt and freeze them in individual portions for Japanese-style breakfasts and for making onigiri.

We admired this gorgeous salmon before I carved it up.

coho slamon steaks

Garter Snake in South Surrey, BC

Forgot to post this garter snake that we saw near a trail to the west of the Stewart Heritage Farm in south Surrey, BC, the other day.

Yumi is really good at hearing them rustling in the undergrowth and spotting them. She saw a couple more that day, but this is the only one I got a decent shot of.

garter snake surrey bc