Presenting ‘Beautiful Byrne Creek’ at Burnaby Library June 4

Back by popular demand! 🙂

As part of the City of Burnaby’s Environment Week celebrations, I’ll be presenting a slide show on “Beautiful Byrne Creek” at the Tommy Douglas Library in SE Burnaby on June 4, at 7:00 pm.

Paul bug streamkeepers
Yes, you too, can become a streamkeeper just like me! 😉

Similar to last year’s presentation, I will give an overview of Burnaby watersheds, and then focus on Byrne Creek and what sorts of activities volunteer streamkeepers do to help protect and restore natural habitat in the urban environment.

I’ll have lovely nature shots of the creek and ravine park, posters, streamkeeper handbooks and equipment, etc.

Suitable for all ages!

Hope to see you there.

Ridding DSLR Sensor of Stubborn Spot

I’ve had a stubborn spot on the sensor of my Nikon D7100 for awhile now. I could not remove it simply by blowing air at it.

I did some reading online (in particular this detailed article), and went out today and bought a pack of Sensor Swabs preloaded with Eclipse fluid. I was a bit hesitant, but followed the instructions.

The first swab didn’t do it, but a second swabbing appears to have dealt with the annoying spot.