Goodbye to Cipko Consulting Ltd.

I filed my last corporate tax return for Cipko Consulting Ltd. today using TurboTax Biz. I had been shutting it down over the last year, so the return was not difficult.

It was a long ride — we incorporated in February 2000. It’s kinda sad, of course, but it was time. My heart hadn’t been in it for awhile.

Now I have to dissolve the company, but seeing as I’m the only shareholder left, that shouldn’t be too onerous.

I’ve transitioned back and forth from having my own business to working for others a few times over the years, so I may be back running my own show again some day, or maybe not. . .

Loss of any sort, and change of any sort, can be stressful, and I admit I’m feeling drained and a bit sad, but I’m seeing this as an opportunity to try new things, explore new career avenues.

I’ve still got at least a decade of work in me, if not longer. And I’m confident that I have the education and experience to make substantial contributions to an organization and to my community.

Let’s see what I can bring to tomorrow! 🙂

Sunburned Butterfly?

Came across this shriveled-up butterfly sitting on a hot asphalt path on my walk today. I carried it over to a water fountain, got some water into the palm of my hand, and wet it down a bit. It began crawling all over me. After it gave me a few  kisses on the cheek, I placed it on the shady side of a tree.

shriveled butterfly

UPDATE: A biologist friend notes it’s more likely it had recently emerged and the wings were not completely filled out yet. Oh, well, I still like my story. . . 😉