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Discover Deer Lake Park with Henry DeJong

It was a gorgeous day for a two-hour tour of Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, led by Henry DeJong, retired from Burnaby Parks. Lots of history, and plant and animal knowledge.

Deer Lake Park flora fauna


Douglas Squirrel

Saw lots of egg masses today

Another egg mass

Little frog

Big frog


Heron adding to its nest at the Deer Lake colony

Invasive Red-Eared Sliders

Dive! Dive! I think it was a Scaup : -)

Rice Lake Loop in North Vancouver

If we’re on the north shore in Vancouver and have a bit of time, we love the quick and easy Rice Lake loop. It’s a fairly short, flat trail, yet the lake and the towering trees refresh the soul.

This female mallard was almost overly friendly — very conditioned to humans. No handouts from us!

We didn’t see any water life until Yumi spotted this caddisfly larva crawling along the bottom. These creatures are so cool — they build “shells” out of bark, leaf litter, sand, tiny stones, etc.


Rice Lake North Vancouver

That’s some excavating! Perhaps the work of a Pileated Woodpecker?

Long Burnaby Walk on Glorious Sunny Day

Yumi and I took a 3 hour and 40 minute walk starting from SE Burnaby all the way to Deer Lake, around the lake and home again. We capped the glorious afternoon with delicious Japanese food at the Nikkei Seniors Centre restaurant.

For the photographers out there, all of these were shot with a Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide zoom on a Nikon D5200 body.

And if you want to be let in on a secret, for the first half of the walk or so, somehow the autofocus got turned off on the lens. But with a lens that wide, set at F8 with aperture priority, depth of field is massive so pretty much everything is in focus anyway, eh?

Deer Lake dock

Burnaby Walk Deer Lake Nikkei Place
Gull soaring over the beach with Metrotown on the horizon

Deer Lake Brook

Over two hours into the walk and Yumi’s still got lots of energy : -)

Nikkei Place

Completed Standard First Aid for Industry

I completed a St. John Ambulance (Burnaby branch) Standard First Aid for Industry with CPR/AED course and certification over the weekend.

Thanks to Danni, a superb instructor, who was very knowledgeable, down to earth, and fun.

I’m zonked now — it was an intense two days, but also happy to have refreshed my first-aid knowledge. I hadn’t taken a formal first-aid course since my youth, in Red Cross swimming classes and Boy Scouts, several decades ago.