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Million Dollar Quartet – Presely, Perkins, Lewis & Cash

We saw the Million Dollar Quartet today at the #ArtsClubTheatre on #granvilleisland.

It was great fun!

To quote: “Inspired by true events, this rocking jukebox musical takes you to Memphis and into Sun Records Studio on December 4, 1956. Witness the famed jam session that brought together rock and roll legends Presley, Cash, Lewis, and Perkins—for the first and only time. Experience all the hits that made these powerhouse stars the icons they are today, including “That’s Alright,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and more!”

If you’re at all into rockabilly, blues, and early rock ‘n roll, this show is for you.

Extended to Aug. 20 . . .

Ruminations as the ‘Day the Music Died’ Increase

It’s Friday night, the night I often post a Friday night song/video to Facebook and other social media.

I haven’t started listening yet tonight, just poured a glass of wine and began reflecting on all the deaths over the last months in the music world.

I’m not going to start listing them, for I’m sure to miss some major names, but, yeah, it’s been tough on us who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s. . .

I’m younger than that, but as with many of us, I got a steady diet of music from older family members and friends, so my popular music education and tastes date from the ’60s.

The rock and blues and pop and folk and country heroes of our youth are steadily getting up there into their ’70s, ’80s, and older, eh? More are leaving us at an increasing rate.

The guitar gods of the rock development era decades ago are giving in to mortality.

Social Media has an impact on this too, of course. Now it’s easy to share, to reminisce with folks who are not only our local “real” friends, but people around the world.

On the upside, there are many “bad boys” and “bad girls” of those days who are still playing, still having fun.

As Neil Young wrote: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away. . . ”

Or as the amazing Buddy Guy, who influenced generations of blues and rock guitarists, and who is still performing at age 86, writes:

“I’m gonna keep on playing
And on my dying day
A polka-dot guitar will be resting on my grave. . . “

Long Weekend Project Sorting, Cataloging Old LPs

Long weekend project — sorting and cataloguing old rock/pop/blues LPs. I have a 3 X 5 card catalog that I created in my early 20s, and will update it.

sorting old rock blues pop LPs

One find today was a Heart Dreamboat Annie photo LP. A quick Google shows they can go for up to C$50 or so depending on condition.

I’ll have to do some research on current values.

I am holding the first two LPs I ever bought, The Best of the Guess Who and Three Dog Night Live at the Forum 🙂. Likely purchased in the early 1970s.

There are close to 350 albums, and that doesn’t include classical, jazz, and Ukrainian ones eh?

They’ve been hiding behind the couch in the living room, fairly inaccessible. I wonder if I can create enough room in my basement office to move them down there and play them.

Can’t remember the last time I bought an LP, but likely over 30 years ago. I gather they’ve been staging a revival. . .

Unpacking Folk Songs?

From the overanalyzing folk songs files:

I have this Ukrainian folk song running in my head. It’s a humorous song about a cowardly kozak who is attracted to a girl and her aromatic pyrohy/perogies.

But a group of hunters comes along, and carries off the girl and the perogies.

So in the punch line/final stanza the kozak wails: “Oh you horrible enemies, take the girl but bring back the perogies!”

Ha ha ha. . .

I have several recordings of this song ranging from polka bands to an opera-style baritone backed by a small orchestra.

I know, I know, folks have been chortling at this song for centuries, but there is a message to unpack. . .

No idea why this popped into my mind today, but there you go.