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Shy Thrushes Eyeing Our Feeder in Burnaby

I think I’ve seen a thrush at our feeder in south Burnaby, BC, just once in years. Today one showed up, but was very shy. I got a lousy shot with my cell phone, ran downstairs to grab a DSLR, and it was gone when I got back.

I kept checking the feeder several times per hour, and success! At one point four were hanging about. Perhaps the snow is making them a bit bolder. . .

thrushes south burnaby bc

Modded Hummer Feeder Instant Success

Less than a minute after hanging out our modded antifreeze hummer feeder, we were getting visitors this morning! Good job, Yumi!

We had no incandescent Xmas lights to use as a heat source, all donated or recycled years ago. But I found a post-Xmas clear out string at WM for the whopping sum of $2.42 the other day,

In the recent cold snap in the lower mainland, our feeder had been freezing up in less than half an hour after being cleaned and refreshed.

heating lights hummingbird feeder

Fraser Foreshore Park Ramble in South Burnaby

I walked the Fraser Foreshore Park riverside trail this afternoon, starting from the parking lot at Byrne Road and going all the way east to the meadow and back, and then west to Sussex Creek and back.

I never use bait for wildlife photos, but folks leave seeds along this popular trail, making for nice bird shooting opportunities.

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park flora and fauna

Looks like a bushtit nest