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Midori Visits Victoria

Midori visiting Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. We took her with us for the long weekend. She’s actually a great traveler, despite what turtle books say about changes of scene causing stress. She loves looking out the window when the car is moving. Dunno what the heck she sees. . .

NOTE: We’ve had ‘Dori for nearly 25 years, and we do not recommend turtles as pets. They require care and attention like any living thing, and because she’s a wild animal and not native to BC, we have permits from the government.

Yeah, I know, invasive red-eared sliders are all over the place, and that’s precisely the point. Either you take care of it for 25+ years, or don’t get one and then dump it, eh?

midori turtle victoria

Camping at Nairn Falls Provincial Park

I had a one-day break in my schedule, so I took advantage of the last quiet week before summer holidays kick in for a night of camping up the Sea to Sky.

camping nairn falls
There something about the Pemberton area that often results in dramatic skies

Got the tarp up in preparation for a forecast of rain. Had a few claps of thunder in the evening, and a bit of drizzle. The rain kicked in more heavily early this morning, so I just rolled everything up and stuffed it into a heavy duty garbage bag to dry at home.

Raindrops keep falling on my tarp. . .