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Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Walk

My knees were aching today so instead of doing the ravine we headed down to Fraser Foreshore Park. We walked from Byrne Road all the way to the east end of the trail, doing a loop in the bend park. Then we walked all the way west to the mouth of Byrne Creek, and also checked out a couple of the ponds to the west of the creek.

burnaby fraser foreshore wildlife
Yumi said she’d heard a waxwing, but it wasn’t until I downloaded today’s photos onto the computer that I realized I’d shot one.

Great Blue Heron preparing for takeoff from Byrne Creek

Same heron a moment later in the Fraser

Belted Kingfisher at max zoom and cropped tight, therefore fuzzy

Barred Owl Family in South Burnaby

We saw a family of Barred Owls this evening in south Burnaby. We’d seen adults several times over the past few months, and today saw what appeared to be an adult and two juveniles.

One was tearing at what perhaps was a young crow.

Unfortunately I was carrying only my pocket camera, and the light in the ravine was getting dim so I got just a few usable shots.

barred owls burnaby

Fraser River Discovery Centre Hosts Indigenous Salmon Fishing, Drying Tours

The Fraser River Discovery Centre in New Westminster, BC, had several tours today sharing First Nations fishing and fish-preserving techniques.

It was interesting learning about the cleaning, filleting, and wind-drying process to preserve salmon, and we got to try our hands out sharpening Indigenous tools.

Fraser River Discovery Centre salmon processing
An exercise sorting cleaning, filleting and wind drying into proper order.

Wind-dried salmon

Sharpening tools

Checking out the BC watersheds map, with a focus on the mighty Fraser River

The protected White Sturgeon

Yep, these massive, ancient (both in terms of time on Earth, and lifespan) fish come from such tiny eggs. Amazing!