Rampant Consumerism & $250 Sunglasses for Kids

I was flabbergasted to get a flyer in the mail today from a major sporting goods chain with $200 – $250 sunglasses for kids so they can look “cool” going back to school.

What the hell?

When so many families can barely afford a standard set of school supplies?

When schools in a relatively affluent area like the BC lower mainland need lunch programs so kids don’t go hungry?

The mind boggles. . .

Edmonds City Fair & Car Show 2022

It was wonderful to have the Edmonds City Fair & Car Show back in SE Burnaby, BC, after a 2-year Covid hiatus!

It was a gorgeous day with great entertainment and lots of cool cars.

Here are a few shots of the opening with First Nations blessing, greetings from all levels of government, and a few shots of some of the cars and performers.

Thanks to the City of Burnaby, community organizers, and event staff for a wonderful day!

I was hired to document the event, so this is all I’ll post until I get my edited shots to the organizers.

Eventually I’ll put together a Flickr album as I’ve done with previous City Fairs.

UPDATE 7/27: Flickr Album here.

First Nations blessing

All levels of government greeting the happy crowd

edmonds city fair car show burnaby bc
Dedicating new basketball courts in the park

Burnaby’s fave Rainshadow which has performed at so many community events over many years!

The cop with the coolest ride! : – )

Three-Hour South Burnaby Ramble

Whew! That was a good walk.

Down Byrne Creek ravine, along Meadow Ave. to where it nearly touches Marine Way, crossed Marine Way and walked to the incinerator, and then along the river to the playground/washroom at the foot of Byrne Road. Then back up the dyke and home to near Edmonds Station.

Here’s some wildlife viewed along the way.

dragpnflies meadow ave burnaby bc
Blue-eyed Darners along the Meadow Ave. ditch

frog meadow ave ditch burnaby bc
I think invasiave American Bullfrog

swallowtail butterfly burnaby bc

beetle burnaby bc
Some sort of Burying Beetle?

millipede byrne creek burnaby bc
Yellow-spotted Millipede

cedar waxwing burnaby bc
Cedar Waxwing

northern flicker burnaby bc
Northern Flicker taking off

white-crowned sparrow burnaby bc
White-crowned Sparrow

bumblebees burnaby bc
Bumblebees loading up. . .

dead mouse burnaby bc
Dead mouse

tug fraser river burnaby bc
Tug on the working river

Birds and Beasts of Deer Lake, Burnaby, BC

A morning ramble around Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC, turned up plenty of wildlife, not all of it native.

cedar waxwing deer lake burnaby bc
Cedar Waxwing

dragonlfies deer lake burnaby bc
Assorted dragonflies

double-crested cormorant fish deer lake burnaby bc
Double-crested Cormorant takes a fish. Extreme range with tight cropping. . .

invasive pumpkinseed deer lake burnaby bc
Invasive Pumpkinseed fish

invasive american bullfrog deer lake burnaby bc
Invasive American Bullfrog

lorquin's admiral butterfly deer lake burnaby bc
Lorquin’s Admiral

wasps nest deer lake burnaby bc
Wasp nest — fortunately many meters away from any trail

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