Thank You Delta Hospital, Fraser Health

A big shout out to staff, nurses, and doctors at Delta Hospital in Delta, BC.

I had an inguinal hernia repair yesterday, and was very thankful to have what had gradually become a near-grapefruit-sized protrusion taken care of.

Everyone was welcoming, friendly, professional, and reassuring.

The care was excellent, and I am very grateful to have had the procedure. I know many surgeries have been postponed due to Covid, and assume they got me in because the day procedure took about half an hour, plus a couple of hours of monitoring/anesthesia recovery time, so I wouldn’t be taking up a bed.

Thank you for the work that you do! Particularly in what has been a very tough couple of years for healthcare professionals.

Fraser Health was excellent in keeping me apprised of earlier openings as cancellations popped up, and with prep/post instructions.

Snowy Post-Breakfast Byrne Creek Walk in Burnaby

A post-breakfast trudge in the snow in the ‘hood.

Byrne Creek Ravine Park and Ron McLean Park in SE Burnaby, BC.

snowy byrne creek walk burnaby bc
The happy lamp near our front door. This leaf found its way there on its own in the autumn, and has stuck around ever since. . .

Kim’s Mart — love this little store a five-mintue walk away with its fruits, veggies, seafood, and a variety of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese groceries.

Wintry Views of Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC, doesn’t get snow that often, and it’s unusualy to have snow stick for days, if not weeks! During our Covid-safe vacation last week, we walked four to six hours a day, and it was wonderful getting to shoot the wintry conditions. Will be posting lots of wildlife photos in the next few days, too. . .

snowy icy views victoria bc

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