The Accidental Wedding Photographer

Getting the flash units checked out, and batteries charged. Have a wedding shoot coming up. I don’t usually do weddings, but it’s for family. . .

Pressure is on, taking two cameras, two flash units, and I think 24 rechargeable AAs should cover the flash units for six hours of shooting or so. . . .

I have lots of experience shooting events, but somehow weddings seem like more pressure. . .

nikon flash units batteries

Canada Day at the BC Legislature in Victoria

It was a superb evening for a Canada Day party in Victoria, BC.

The crowd welcomed the First Nations blessing, and the mayor clearly acknowledged the contentious nature of the celebration. There was an impromptu demonstration, and that also went over well.

Here are a few photos:

I was keeping a hand over my lens in the crowd to protect it, and at one point it fogged up, producing a nice effect.

Getting some Beavertails to munch on during the fireworks

Canada Day Victoria BC

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