Deer Lake Beasties

I took advantage of the sunny, albeit breezy day to do a loop of Deer Lake in Burnaby. Here are some scenic views and some beasts encountered along the way.

Cedar Waxwing

cedar waxwing burnaby bc

american goldfinch burnaby bc
American Goldfinch

red-tailed hawk burnaby bc
Red-tailed Hawk

american robin burnaby bc

damselflies burnaby bc

bumblebee burnaby bc
Black-tailed Bumblebee?

strider burnaby bc

deer lake sunny skies burnaby bc

Dragonfly, Wasps, Bugs at Iona Beach

I spent a few hours ramlbing Iona Beach Regional Park today, and while I’m usually looking for birds, I love photographing any other wildlife that catches my eye, including bees, wasps, and bugs.

I took over 300 shots of this Blue-eyed Darner in flight to get a dozen usable shots.

blue-eyed darner iona beach yvr

bog fly iona beach yvr
iNaturalist is suggesting Bog Fly

western tiger beetle yvr
Western Tiger Beetle

sand wasp iona beach yvr
Sand Wasp

diplotaxis iona beach yvr
Waiting for the iNaturalist hive mind to kick in, but it’s suggesting Genus Diplotaxis

Osprey at One Mile Lake, BC

Now that we’re allowed to travle within two regional health zones, I took an overnight camping trip to Nairn Falls. I walked around One Mile Lake yesterday evening and this morning, and was elated to photograph an Osprey both times.

Very diffent sky in the evening and morning shots. . .

osprey pemberton bc
Taking a fish

osprey pemberton bc

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