Sunny South Burnaby Snow Day

An inch of two of snow is enough to transform the glorious outdoors — without really getting in your face because you know it’s not going to last long  : -). And if you want serious snow, the north shore mountains are close.

Byrne Creek Ravine walk was lovely today.

south burnaby snow day

Snow pants on a snowy slide!

Getting Warmed Up for Valentines Day

We went for a walk on the Stanley Park seawall, and along a few of the park trails. Love was in the air . . . : -)

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Vancouver Police horse
The sign at the Vancouver Police stables says please don’t feed the horses, but you can pat them on the tops of their noses.

We also enjoyed spotting some water life:

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Barrow’s Goldeneye

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Long Burnaby Walk on Glorious Sunny Day

Yumi and I took a 3 hour and 40 minute walk starting from SE Burnaby all the way to Deer Lake, around the lake and home again. We capped the glorious afternoon with delicious Japanese food at the Nikkei Seniors Centre restaurant.

For the photographers out there, all of these were shot with a Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide zoom on a Nikon D5200 body.

And if you want to be let in on a secret, for the first half of the walk or so, somehow the autofocus got turned off on the lens. But with a lens that wide, set at F8 with aperture priority, depth of field is massive so pretty much everything is in focus anyway, eh?

Deer Lake dock

Burnaby Walk Deer Lake Nikkei Place
Gull soaring over the beach with Metrotown on the horizon

Deer Lake Brook

Over two hours into the walk and Yumi’s still got lots of energy : -)

Nikkei Place

Super Moon Over South Burnaby

Shot with a Canon SX730 HS at max 40X optical zoom, handheld out the car window on my way to work at 4:40 am this morning in south Burnaby, BC. I ran out when I first got up at 3:45 to see if there was anything to shoot with Big Bertha (Tamron 150-600mm zoom) mounted on a DSLR and a tripod, but the moon was clouded over.

Happy to get this modest shot with the pocket cam a few minutes later .

super moon

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Birding Bonanza

For a cold, gray day, there were a lot of birds out and about along the river in south Burnaby between the east lookout, and west to Byrne Creek and Sussex Creek.

There were several Great Blue Herons

Fraser Foreshore Birding

Hooded Mergansers in one of the ponds just west of Byrne Creek

Common Merganser?

Spotted Towhee

White-Crowned Sparrow?

Canada Goose double trouble


Tugs booming logs on the working river

Fishing vessel

You want to race?

Busy beavers

Fraser Foreshore Birding

OK, I’ll Keep My Nikon D5200

I’ve tried to sell my Nikon D5200 a couple of times, with nobody coming near my asking price. It’s not a bad camera, in fact the sensor is damn good, it’s just that it doesn’t have as quick and easy control over certain parameters as my semi-pro D7100 and D7200.

You have to delve into the on-screen menus to set stuff that you can quickly set with dedicated buttons on the higher-end machines.

But yes, the sensor is the same, or very close, so I’ve decided to make it my ultrawide machine, and just leave the Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide mounted on it.

All of these shots taken today were with the D5200 and Sigma 10-20, aside from the birds.

And no, this does not mean that I have stopped lusting after a D500, and a D850 :-).

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