South Burnaby Blossoms

Blossoms shot from our balcony as the light began to take on the golden hues of evening.

While many kinds of flowering trees are well past peak in the ‘hood, these are just hitting their stride — perhaps because of the species and because this tree is shaded from the sun by the tall cedears of Byrne Creek Ravine Park until past noon every day.

cherry blossoms burnaby bc

Eagles, Finches, Pine Siskin & More in Burnaby

I spent a couple of hours at Fraser Foreshore Park in SE Burnaby this morning. In addition to my previous posts today featuring a Downy Woodpecker and a Rufous Hummingbird, here’s a collection of other birds I saw today.

eagle fraser foreshore park burnaby bc
Bald Eagles

house finch burnaby bc
House Finch male

House Finch female

pine siskin burnaby bc
Pine Siskin. These are the wee birds that have been suffering a salmonellosis outbreak around the BC lower mainland this year. Wildlife organizations asked people to take down bird feeders months ago to help prevent the spread of the disease, and AFAIK that advice still stands.

Yumi and I found a couple of dead ones earlier this year, so nice to see this one looking OK.

american robin burnaby bc
American Robin

chickadee burnaby bc
Black-capped Chickadee

green-winged teal burnaby bc
Green-winged Teal

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