Metro Vancouver Forests & Climate Change at BC Mills House

Yumi and I had a blast visiting the BC Mills House and exploring Lynn Creek at a Metro Vancouver Parks event on forests and climate change. Great displays, and informative and friendly interpreters.

Yumi also spotted water bugs and fry, so that made the day complete .

bc mills lynn creek

Yumi decided not to pursue a new career fighting forest fires : – )

The rescue folks had a display as well. Gear up, be prepared and let someone know where you’re going!

Yumi in her element exploring Lynn Creek


Salmonid fry, too!

Water ballet

American Dipper

Dipper dipping. . .

Why dogs don’t fly : – ). Yumi spotted this interesting tree.

Cool fungus with teeny beads of moisture

BC Hydro Byrne Creek Site Meeting > 2-Hour Tour!

BC Hydro approached Byrne Creek Streamkeepers to get a creek orientation.

Folks were so enthusiastic about exploring the creek and ravine today that a 15-minute site meeting turned into a two-hour ramble! 

Hydro staff are planning a watershed display and activities during the Rivers Day week in September, and BCSS volunteers will set up our booth and information display at the Hydro building, and perhaps lead a creek tour or two.

bc hydro byrne creek tour

We came across this huge banana slug:

banana slug

Wising Up on Not Needing Daily Shampoo

A friend of mine posted on FB that she was trying a no-shampoo routine to save on plastics and chemicals. She’s going days just rinsing her hair with warm water, and if necessary, a touch of bar soap.

So I thought I’d give it a try. Still showering using my summer water-saving routine — 20 second wet down, turn off water, soap pits ‘n bits ‘n feet, and 20-30 second rinse. No shampoo just quickly massaging hair with warm water during the wet and rinse.

I’m on day five or six now, and to my surprise, I feel fine. I thought my hair and scalp would be itchy and flaky by now, but aside from my (short) hair feeling heavier and oilier, no problem.

It certainly appears that shampooing once, or perhaps twice a week, would work for me, and I’d be reducing plastics use, reducing chemicals down the drain, and saving $$.

This from a guy who has been shampooing daily (except when camping or hiking) for 50 years. . .

UPDATE (minutes later): Just timed myself and the rinse cycle takes more like 40-45 seconds : – ).

UPDATE 2: Another friend says she shampoos twice a month.

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