Edinburgh Sunsets

Took a ten-day trip to Edinburgh, and shall catch up with a number of posts, dated approximately to the right dates.

First off, a number of sunsets from the high window in our friend’s apartment where we stayed.

Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh sunsets

Does Removing a Few Statues Deal with Colonialism?

OK, it’s late, and I’m sick with the flu, tired, and cranky. But. . .

So all these places that are taking down statues of colonial oppressors (Victoria [Sir John A], New Westminster [Judge Begbie] . . . )

(BTW I am not opposed to removing them. . .)

Why aren’t they changing their names?

Could you be any more colonial than having a name like Victoria? New Westminster?

I live in a ‘hood in Burnaby (named after an alien “explorer”) with streets around me like Nelson, Victory, Royal Oak. . . Sheesh.

Just because Robert Burnaby happened to be one of the first white folks in this area (coming after thousands of years of indigenous settlement) he got tons of stuff named after him, not only the city.

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