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Sorry honey, Christmas is Long Gone

Aw, sorry honey, Christmas is over. . .

cat mourns Christmas
Took down all the lights today. Sigh.

Kitty is mourning the Xmas tree again this year.

I finally took it down today, and “butchered” it in the garage, keeping it for campfire kindling this coming camping season.

And just as in previous years, Choco the Cat has been crying at the door to the garage, going in and sniffing at the remains, and repeating the process.

Medicating Pets

I’ve medicated dogs, I’ve medicated cats, and I’ve medicated turtles.

They are all aware and after the first dose immediately catch on to what’s coming.

And they all cotton to various ruses within a try or two. . .

Yes, even the turtle.

I would say that in terms of potential injury to the applier of medication, cats can be the worst. Sharp fangs, incredibly twisty and strong for body size, and those fangs carry potential infection. Dogs don’t like meds, but are less likely to retaliate on a loved and trusted one.

Turtles? After the first few oral doses, if they start clamming up, it is damn hard to get them to swallow anything. You have to irritate them to the point that they get angry and open up and hiss and snap, and try to get a syringe of fluid spritzed into the mouth. Sigh.

I hate it when a pet goes from “hey, Daddy’s here!” state, to, “Oh, No, Daddy, don’t do that again” state. But, that’s part of the responsibility, eh?

And I’ll be recognized as good Daddy again some day. 

Muggy, Smoky West Coast — Keep Your Pets Hydrated

Dunno about you, but I’ve been downing liters of water, unsweetened lemon juice, cold green tea, and, um, OK, a beer now that the clock is ticking into the evening hours. . .

What about your pets? Make sure they are hydrating, too. Especially with cats, it may take a bit of effort, but make it fun, and they’ll drink.

Fortunately our cat has a well-established drinking routine, and seeks us out for mutual hydration.

cat hydration