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Walking Family Dogs in Rice Fields in Aomori, Japan

Walking the family dogs in the rice fields in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan a couple of weeks ago.

Jun, the little female, was new to the family and a bit uncertain about going for long walks far from her new home, but quickly warmed to the activity.

She got a tad freaked out a couple of times, and needed some reassurance, and Eito, the older dog, wondered why the heck she was getting special treatment. 

dog walking aomori rice fields

Walking rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine!

Rewarded with a rainbow

We saw a few of these raptors soaring over the fields and forests. Got this shot at max zoom with my pocket Canon SX730HS.

Goodbye Choco, We Love You

It’s so hard to say goodbye, but Choco is free now.
An adult rescue that we adopted from the Burnaby SPCA in 2005, she was about 17. Here she is in her prime in March 2013.
It was time. Her kidney function was near zero, and she was very weak and tired.
We had a wonderful vet come to our home, and he was gentle and kind.

She leaves huge holes in our hearts, and we will miss her terribly.

choco cat sakura

Glad to Have Choco the Cat Home

Glad to have our frail fuzzbutt home after 30 hours on an IV at the vet’s.

After days of anxiety and near-sleepless nights keeping a close eye on her, it’s a relief that she’s eating and pooping again after not taking anything but fluids for several days.

I have to admit to feeling relief when the vet said she should stay overnight. We were bagged. Better for her, and better for us. You have to know your limitations.

Her blood work is not too bad, but her kidneys are weak.

Yes, quality of life issues are front of mind, and a friend has put us in touch with a vet who specializes in home visits for quality of life assessment/end of life if she starts heading downhill again.


choco iv bandageCute bandage, eh?

Choco cat IV Paul
Jeez, Daddy, let me go, I’m fine!

No, not quite yet, at 5lbs you’re still skin and bones.

A bit later:  watching her eat with eagerness and enjoyment not seen in weeks nearly brought tears to my eyes. . . You go girl!

Health Challenges Beset Choco the Cat

It’s been an exhausting week. but we still have our love bug.

Choco the Cat was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, despite being a skinny gal all her life.

An adult rescue, we’re not sure of her exact age, but she’s around 16 years old. We welcomed her to our family in August, 2005.

The vet recommended insulin shots twice a day, and we’ve been administering them.

Over the last week she suffered a couple of seizures.

The seizures were terrifying for her, and for us. Thankfully Yumi was still awake the first time it happened, heard something strange and ran down to see what was going on.

Choco was convulsing, and Yumi brought her to bed, placed her in my arms, and Choco tucked her head under my chin, and clenched her front paws around my neck as if to say, “Help me Daddy!”

Yumi quickly prepared and administered a sugar solution, and Choco came back from the brink.

She was at the vet’s all of the following day on an IV. She’s come back a bit, is eating and drinking.

We are struggling with quality of life issues, but as long as she’s happy cuddling, still eating, drinking, and eliminating, and not having more seizures, we’ll give her the best care and attention possible.

She’s having a blissful cuddle with Mommy as I write this .

Damn we love her.

Choco and Yumi
Relaxed in Yumi’s arms.

UPDATE: 10/20

Choco and I just watched an entire football game like this. I’m going to need a shoulder transplant. . . 

choco paul watching football

At her request I had the sound turned down so low that I could barely hear the game.

There was also a ban on backseat quarterbacking, general yelling, and jumping up and down ;-).

Sorry honey, Christmas is Long Gone

Aw, sorry honey, Christmas is over. . .

cat mourns Christmas
Took down all the lights today. Sigh.

Kitty is mourning the Xmas tree again this year.

I finally took it down today, and “butchered” it in the garage, keeping it for campfire kindling this coming camping season.

And just as in previous years, Choco the Cat has been crying at the door to the garage, going in and sniffing at the remains, and repeating the process.