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Reviving Nikon D300

After some 40 years of shooting with film cameras, my first DSLR was a Nikon D300. I still have it but hadn’t used it in years.

Today I ran across its battery charger as I was cleaning out some desk drawers, so I charged up the battery, put a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle zoom on it (15-30mm equivalent on this sensor), and tested it out on Sora the Cat.

Pretty good. . .

I see on my old blog that I got the D300 on April 16, 2008. 🙂

D300s are built like tanks, and though just 12MP, that’s plenty for web and online work and prints of moderate size.

sora the cat nikon D300

Acclimatizing Sora the Cat to Harness, Leash

Working on acclimatizing Sora the Cat to a harness and leash. Baby steps, but she’s coming along.

We hope to get her to the point where the late Choco the Cat was. Choco would ask to be harnessed and taken out.

Too dangerous for cats to be out on their own around here, steps from a ravine forest, and of course, even fed domestic house cats have a huge impact on birds and other wee critters. . .

sora cat harness leash
I’m scared, Daddy!

Oh, that’s a bit better, cuddling in the sunshine : – )

A Poem for Sora the Cat

I was watching Sora the Cat lazing in the sun with Dori the Turtle, and these words came pouring out. I didn’t have a notebook handy so I wrote them on my cell phone in an email to myself. I am not a poet by any means, but this was fun!

I know not where she sleeps
at dawn
I feel her presence in the room
then on the bed
she licks my face
in greeting
nips at my nose
I raise a corner
of the quilt
in invitation
her eyes glow in anticipation
and she eases
in next to my pillow
turns, turns
and snuggles into the crook
of my elbow
she starts to purr
stretches out a paw
and touches my cheek
she purrs so happily
that she gulps
she gurgles
we cuddle contentedly
as we greet the morning

sora the cat holding hands
Holding hands watching TV this evening. . . .

The Joy of Pooping

Fulfilling the most basic needs is so rewarding, eh?

Both our late Choco the Cat, and our present Sora the Cat, charge up the stairs from the basement bathroom after making a #2 deposit in the litter box.

Their uninhibited joy is wondrous to behold.

“I pooped, I pooped!”

A pee is a much quieter event, not warranting such exuberance 🙂