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Sniffing the Night Air With Sora the Cat

Oh my, that was fun!

Holding Sora the Cat at the front door for about 10 minutes as the rain began to lightly fall not long before we go to bed in south  Burnaby, BC.

Sniff the air, sweetie. Enjoy the smells, the sounds of the pattering droplets.

Sharing the fresh air with an animal with senses seeking is such a joy. Her body tense in anticipation, eyes panning the darkness. . .

She’s happy being a totally indoor cat — better for her and for the wee beasties out there. . .

But that takes a lot of play and interaction.

Cuddling Cat Turning the Solstice Corner

I think one of the most wonderful sounds is when Sora the Cat comes to bed and cuddles after her 5:00 am breakfast. She waits for me to lift a corner of the comforter, and then she slides in and curls up in the crook of my arm.

sora cat cuddle

After she fidgets for a minute I feel her relax, and she gives a wee, whistling sigh of contentment that melts my heart every time.
We snooze together for about another hour, and then she grumbles when the alarm goes off :-).
Wishing everyone a lovely sleep as we turn the solstice corner. . .

Temps to Break 40C in Burnaby

The plan today:

Up at 5:00am and get some stuff done.

Crank all the windows open until 7:00. Then batten down the hatches and hunker down while the temperature steadily climbs to ~42C (107F) here in Burnaby, BC, peaking between 2:00 – 4:00pm.

Thank you tall trees of Byrne Creek Ravine Park that keep us shaded until noonish.

Supposedly it will be back down to 30C by 10:00pm, and a bearable 23-25 overnight.

Check in on vulnerable family, friends, and neighbours.

Stay safe, all. . .

UPDATE: And watch out for pets, too. Sora the Cat quickly figured out that an ice-water filled bed warmer is a great place to hang out :-).

sora ice water bottle

UPDATE 2: As of mid-afternoon it now looks like we’ll top out around 36C instead of over 40. Whew!