Russians, Demand Freedom and Democracy


Putin has long been failing in his efforts to “restore” the bloody glory of empire.

Why kill your neighbours, their children? Why bomb hospitals and schools?

The man is demented, but it’s so scary that so many Russians are still following his orders.

I am talking to you, Russian soldier. Why are you killing children?

Why are you bombing schools and hospitals? Why target the kids and the wounded with your missiles?

Have you no conscience?

Russian TV is still celebrating the invasion, no matter how many Russian lives, and Ukrainian lives, it has taken.

Mass delusion.

But. . .

There’s something in the wind. Dictators rarely get this freaked out.

The killer looks increasingly pasty, tired.

We appeal to all Russians of concscience, of love. . . Stop.

Refuse to fight, to continue this invasion.

Refute the madman.

Join Ukraine in democracy and freedom.