‘Early Adopter’ Me Appears to be Slowing Down

Funny how “early adopter” me has become “things are running fine, why change?” me. . . 🙂

I wonder if that’s a reflection of age?

I began building my own computers back in the mid-1980s, and in those days I was always tinkering, swapping video cards, adding memory, installing larger hard drives, upgrading fax/modems (remember those?). . .

I’ve had an “upgrade to Windows 11” icon sitting in the taskbar on my notebook computer for many months. OTOH, my tower computer is so old, it won’t run Windows 11.

I’m starting to itch to click that icon on my laptop. . . . At least if there’s a bit of a learning curve, I’ll still have Windows 10 on my tower, eh?

And since my tower and my laptop pretty much have all the same applications and utilities on them, if something breaks, I’ll know what else needs upgrading before going Win11 on a slightly newer refurbished tower computer that I’ve never used yet.