Birds, Buds and Boats at Fraser Foreshore Park

Had a two-hour walk along Fraser Foreshore Park in south Burnaby, BC. Lots of birds and buds, and another derelict boat.


great blue heron
Great Blue Heron

great blue heron spread wings

great blue heron crayfish
Catching a crayfish

great blue heron incoming flight

Crow with, I think, a wee fish

american robin
American Robin

Deathly still life


high streamflow warning
Fraser River is running high

derelict boat byrne creek mouth
Another derelict boat at the mouth of Byrne Creek. For some reason there have been a few here over the last year or two.

pink bud

blossom bug

Deer Lake Goslings, Ducklings, Herons. . .

Lovely morning with lots of wildlife at Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC, today.

Canada Goose goslings

canada geese goslings deer lake burnaby

The parents are very protective

mallard mom ducklings deer lake burnaby
Mallard Mom taking the kids for a stroll

She was snacking on dandelions along the way

great blue heron flight deer lake burnaby
Caught this Great Blue Heron in flight heading home to the Deer Lake colony with material to repair a nest

hummingbird deer lake burnaby
Hummer coming in for a landing. These wee birds are very territorial, and once you spot them, you can be nearly assured of seeing them using the same perches

frog deer lake burnaby
Frog at Deer Lake. Good ‘un or bad ‘un?