Remembering to Check Device Firmware

I have a DLINK DIR-880L 8-port wired/wireless LAN router. The only issue I’ve had with it is that some WiFi devices will not connect unless I reboot the router. I put up with this for some time before it occurred to me to check the firmware.

Well, sure ’nuff, when I logged in to the router today, there was an update available. In fact my router was running 1.01 and the latest version is 1.05.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware, and will see if it performs better.

I’ve posted before about upgrading firmware in cameras, and I need to remember that all sorts of other devices have firmware that can be upgraded, too.

Marauding Merganser

I watched this common merganser swim in the overflow pond and the sediment pond in the Byrne Creek artificial spawning habitat in SE Burnaby, BC. Don’t see these in Byrne that often.

After awhile I guess it had enough of being observed and flushed spectacularly, zooming right over us. I whipped my wee Canon pocket camera up and got this shot full of motion and blur, but I kinda like it!

common merganser flight
Too bad I didn’t have a much faster DSLR at hand…