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SEHAB Meetings on Fishy Issues in Kamloops, BC

I’ve been an alternate and full board member of the Salmonid Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans for some nine years now.

We meet three times year, and board members collect and share information from stewardship groups from across British Columbia. We have expert speakers in, and tour local habitat restoration sites, dams, fish ladders, etc.

We distill all that information, positive and negative,  and report to senior DFO management at Pacific Regional HQ.

Here are a few shots from our latest meeting in Kamloops, BC:

SEHAB meeting Kamloops

Bear, Snake, Wasp, Near Pemberton, BC

A few shots from our recent camping trip to Nairn Falls. We drove up the Pemberton Meadows Road and saw some cool stuff.

young black bear pemberton bc
A young Black Bear

mashed snake
Came across this unfortunately mashed wee snake near the bridge crossing the Lillooet River just off the Pemberton Meadows Road.

tree snake
Some creative person added eyes and a forked tongue to this fallen tree between Nairn Falls and One Mile Lake.

corn cob wasp
When uninvited guests arrive at the picnic table, sometimes it’s best to give them their own place setting : – ) . . .

Boundary Bay Dyke Attracts International Photo Gearheads

There were great gaggles of homo sapiens sapiens photographerensis on the Boundary Bay dyke near 72nd today.

This is fast becoming an international destination for nature photogearheads. There must have been nearly half a million dollars of photo gear on the dyke today.

photographers boundary bay

short-eared owl boundary bay

And this is what had all the photogs salivating today — likely the same short-eared owl that I shot there a week or two ago. This owl ought to get an agent and start cashing in .