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Edinburgh Sunsets

Took a ten-day trip to Edinburgh, and shall catch up with a number of posts, dated approximately to the right dates.

First off, a number of sunsets from the high window in our friend’s apartment where we stayed.

Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh sunsets

The Ghost of Marugame Castle

Yumi playing the role of The Ghost of Marugame Castle, on Shikoku Island, Japan, a few weeks ago.

I’ve never heard of a Ghost of Marugame, but Yumi makes a pretty good one. . .

I am aware that some castle construction sites in Japan do have ghosts in the form of labourers who were tossed down into pits or well shafts as sacrifices, hundreds of years ago  . . .

yumi ghost marugame castle shikoku japan

yumi keys to marugame castle
Dang, I thought I left the keys to the castle in here somewhere. . .