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Remembering Mom on Her Birthday

Lit a candle for my Mom on her birthday.

She would have been 89 today if cancer hadn’t taken her. She had the genes and lifestyle to make that number, but not the luck in the cancer draw. . .

Hard to believe we said goodbye 15 years ago.

mom birthday

Small personal rituals and remembrances.

A wee glass of Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon, her fave reasonbly priced wine.

And a wee glass of fresh water. . .

Three Days of Fishy SEHAB Meetings Near Ladysmith, BC

Three days of fishy meetings near Ladysmith, BC, over the last weekend and early this week.

SEHAB (Salmon Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board) members representing volunteer stewardship groups from across BC shared info and heard many excellent presentations from the federal Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, and BC provincial ministries.

What’s a meeting about volunteers working to protect salmon without, er, a home-smoked salmon? 🙂

And when you’re dealing with several levels of bureaucracy, the initialisms and acronyms fly thick and fast, eh? We began keeping track of some of them for the benefit of folks newer to the table.

SEHAB Meetings Ladysmith BC

NYT Says Rage Has Poisoned Public Life in Canada

Yes, there is rage, but we can never condone violence or threats of violence.

Take the rage, and make something of it, instead of tearing things down.

Volunteer, contribute to society. Don’t like how things are? Help make them better.

It’s easy to be angry. It’s hard work to improve society.

Don’t like politicians? Why don’t you run, and see if you can do a better job?

Don’t like journalists? It’s hard work to discern the truth and to report on it. The job often entails writing about things people don’t want exposed, that people don’t want to hear.

But without searching, and striving for accuracy and truth, how can we improve our lot?

Tackling Food Security in BC Lower Mainland Urban Areas

It’s interesting and concerning to see more threads on food security on various social media channels. With drought hammering many regions around the world that billions rely on for vegetables and fruit, we need to bring this conversation home to BC and the lower mainland.

A key step, in my opinion, would be to halt all further “development” of green and agricultural spaces. All development, for whatever purpose, be it housing or commercial, should be limited to redeveloping areas previously used for such purposes.

And if we can reduce our footprint and re-green spaces, all the better.

We can keep building condo towers, office towers, malls, and warehouses, but what are all those who want to “live, work, and play” in our wonderful region going to eat as supply chains, er, dry up?

We need to dramatically improve our urban/suburban agriculture game.

All schoolyards should have gardens. Lawns should be replaced with a mix of native plants and edibles. Municipalities should support inititatives that match folks who want to grow gardens and fruit with homeowners who have land but who for various reasons cannot garden.

There are many things we could do if we set our minds and muscles to them!

Want a Darwin Award? Just Don’t Kill Others Doing It

I’m being repeatedly reminded of people’s stupid behaviour while guiding weekend buses taking folks on hiking tours north of Whistler, BC.

Passing on curves over double-yellow lines? Sure!

Missing head-on collisions by a few meters because of passing on curves over double-yellow lines? Sure!

Not checking your rear-view mirror and hitting the brakes for no apparent reason in your subcompact with a bus behind you? Do you have any clue how far it takes a coach bus to stop?

I’d rank half-ton and 3/4-ton truck drivers as the worst (we’re invincible!), followed by supercar drivers (way more money than responsibility), followed by motorcyclists (gotta go fast, gotta go fast, gotta go fast.)

You may all not care about being in line for a Darwin Award, but I care about the 50+ people on the bus.

You’re on a public highway, respect the rules.

Go to a track for your fun, eh?

Rampant Consumerism & $250 Sunglasses for Kids

I was flabbergasted to get a flyer in the mail today from a major sporting goods chain with $200 – $250 sunglasses for kids so they can look “cool” going back to school.

What the hell?

When so many families can barely afford a standard set of school supplies?

When schools in a relatively affluent area like the BC lower mainland need lunch programs so kids don’t go hungry?

The mind boggles. . .

Edmonds City Fair & Car Show 2022

It was wonderful to have the Edmonds City Fair & Car Show back in SE Burnaby, BC, after a 2-year Covid hiatus!

It was a gorgeous day with great entertainment and lots of cool cars.

Here are a few shots of the opening with First Nations blessing, greetings from all levels of government, and a few shots of some of the cars and performers.

Thanks to the City of Burnaby, community organizers, and event staff for a wonderful day!

I was hired to document the event, so this is all I’ll post until I get my edited shots to the organizers.

Eventually I’ll put together a Flickr album as I’ve done with previous City Fairs.

UPDATE 7/27: Flickr Album here.

First Nations blessing

All levels of government greeting the happy crowd

edmonds city fair car show burnaby bc
Dedicating new basketball courts in the park

Burnaby’s fave Rainshadow which has performed at so many community events over many years!

The cop with the coolest ride! : – )