Centennial Beach Burgeoning With Birds

I try to get down to Centennial Beach in Delta, BC, part of Metro Vancouver’s wonderful regional parks system, every few months. I went down today, and was amply rewarded. . .

bald eagle centennial beach delta bc
Bald Eagle

Great Blue Heron Centennial Beach, Delta, BC
Great Blue Heron scratching an itch : -)

great blue heron centennial beach delta bc
Great Blue Heron keeping watch

american wigeon centennial beach delta bc
American Wigeon

bufflehead centennial beach delta bc

bunny centennial beach delta bc

beetle centennial beach delta bc

crow centennial beach delta bc

northern shoveler centennial beach delta bic
Northern Shoveler

northern harrier centennial beach delta bc
Northern Harrier

american robin centennial beach delta bc
American Robin

cedar waxwing centennial beach delta bc
Cedar Waxwing

spotted towhee centennial beach delta bc
Spotted Towhee

I Will Miss Longmire

Thought I saw something online recently about Netflix deleting Longmire.

Longmire was one of my fave TV shows. I’m sure that over the last few years I watched all of the episodes at least once, and many several times.

A gritty mix of Westerns and modern policing, the show tackled issues including Indigenous poverty/casino prosperity, prostitution, abuse of foreign workers, trophy hunting, alcoholism, PTSD . . .

It had bleeding heart liberals fighting for, and being rejected by, indigenous folks.

It had right-wing pro-gun folks.

It had good whites and bad whites.

It had good FNs/tribes, and bad ones.

It had weird cults and survivors.

Great writing, great acting. Revenge, despair, pain. . .
Life, eh?

Herons, Hawks & More at Iona Beach

We spent several hours rambling Iona Beach Regional Park near YVR. Lots to see!

There were several herons snoozing in the reeds. We’ve seen as many as few dozen there, but only a handful today.

Later in the afternoon they became more active

sleeping great blue herons iona beach bc

hawk iona beach bc
Just as we were about to leave, a hawk gave us a lovely flyby. . .

northern flicker iona beach bc
Northern Flicker

spotted towhee iona beach bc
Spotted Towhee

river otter iona beach bc
We spotted a family of river otters in one of the ponds