Beaver at Fraser Foreshore Park in Burnaby, BC

Beaver in the river at Fraser Foreshore Park in SE #Burnaby, BC, this morning.

beaver fraser foreshore park burnaby bc

This is only the third time I’ve seen a beaver at Fraser Foreshore Park though I’ve been photographing down there at least several times a month for decades.

At first I thought it was an otter, and I chased it along the bank of the river, mumbling “Oh!” “Wow!” “Oh!” — getting some weird glances from some dog walkers 🙂

The Final, Last, Ultimate Pot of Red River Cereal, Sigh

It’s the final countdown. The end of the line.

Our last serving of Red River Cereal, placed in a pot to soak overnight before cooking tomorrow morning.

last pot red river cereal

This was my late Dad’s fave hot cereal.

Yes, I know there are subsitutes, or “mix your own” suggestions, but still . . .

The end of an era.

Oh, yeah, if anyone wants the empty box, complete with English and French sides, bidding starts at C$100 😉.

Putin’s Treachery Inspires Ukrainians, Democracy Defenders, Worldwide

Putin is waking up people all over the world who have Ukrainian roots, those who support them, and those who cherish freedom and democracy.

I was a “Super-Uke” in my youth and early adulthood.

For many years I was in a Ukrainian youth chorus, was an altar boy and Sunday school teacher in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, was Saskatchewan provincial president of the Ukrainian Students’ Union of Canada, was a teacher at Ukrainian youth camps, and a teacher at Ukrainian language summer schools.

And eventually I burned out and abandoned most of my Ukrainian connections.

I went to Japan to teach English for over a decade, and then do journalism for Tokyo-based English-language news services for a few more years. That was about as far away as one could get from Ukrainian-Canadian issues 🙂.

It wasn’t until after I returned to Canada in my 40s that I started gradually returning to the Ukrainian world, assisting an aunt and my late mom in translating and editing some 20 volumes of Ukrainian literature into English.

My Ukrainian is very rusty now, after several decades of little involvement with the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

But, Putin, you’ve inspired me to be more active, to perhaps polish my weakened language skills.

Putin’s treachery, lies, and war crimes against civilians are goading  people around the world to stand, and to fight.

P.S. I don’t hate Russians, I love your resistance. I just hate Putin and the oligarachs.

You all deserve better, and I admire your protests.

Steller’s Jays, Northern Flicker, Varied Thrush in Burnaby, BC

I came across four or five Steller’s Jays hanging out together during my morning walk in SE Burnaby, BC.

I also heard a bird drumming on metal flashing, and figured it would be a Northern Flicker. I eventually spotted it atop a tall utility pole.

And today, as with many days recently, there were Varied Thrushes hanging around Byrne Creek Ravine Park.

steller's jay burnaby bc
Steller’s Jay

varied thrush burnaby bc
Varied Thrush

northern flicker burnaby bc
Northern Flicker