Hawk Takes Crow at Foreshore Park in Burnaby?

More drama at Fraser Foreshore Park in Burnaby, BC, today.

There were several crows harrassing this Red-tailed Hawk on the top of the Ballard building.

A few photos in, you can see the edge of what may be a crow’s wing beneath the hawk. If that’s the case, no wonder the crows were pissed. . .

Eventually they drove the hawk off and it retreated to the top of a tree across the road.

The Cranky Great Blue Heron of Byrne Creek

In my experience, most Great Blue Herons seem oblivious to humans, unless approached very closely, but this heron that regularly hangs out at the sediment pond in the Byrne Creek spawning habitat in Burnaby, BC, always flushes and squawks indignantly even when you’re dozens of meters away.

Though I know to expect it, it’s difficult to get a good shot because of the narrow approach and treeline, but today I finally got a good one.

cranky great blue heron byrne creek burnaby bc