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Lots of Coho Fry in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby today

coho fry Byrne CreekI spent about two hours this afternoon stalking salmon fry in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC. I saw dozens of wee coho throughout the areas that I checked. So nice to have confirmation that coho spawned successfully in this urban creek last autumn, and that their eggs are hatching out.

coho fry Byrne Creek
There were several dozen fry hanging in a pool under this log in the lower ravine. There were also four or five smolt-size fish there too, either coho yearlings or resident cutthroat trout. I didn’t see them eat any fry while I was there, but I have observed that in other years.

Frisky Killdeer on Boundary Bay

We followed up the Centennial Beach visit with a walk along the dyke at Boundary Bay. I heard killdeer, and soon we saw an amorous couple frolicking before mating.

killdeer boundary bay

killdeer boundary bay
Displaying before a prospective mate

killdeer boundary bay
Easing in a little closer

killdeer boundary bay
Male jumps on female’s back

killdeer boundary bay
It appeared that only a few seconds is all it takes. They repeated this courtship and mounting a couple of times.