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Canadian Govt Seeks Input on Strengthening Enviro/Regulatory Reviews

If you’re involved in environmental issues in Canada in any way, be it as a volunteer, consultant, NGO staff member, etc., you may be interested in contributing feedback to this discussion paper.

Environmental and Regulatory Reviews: Discussion Paper


Our Government is committed to deliver environmental assessment and regulatory processes that regain public trust, protect the environment, introduce modern safeguards, advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, ensure good projects go ahead, and resources get to market.

We made this commitment because we share common concerns about the ability of Canada’s environmental assessment and regulatory processes to protect and sustain the natural environment while getting resources to market and creating good, middle class jobs for Canadians. In the current system:

  • There is a need for greater transparency around the science, data and evidence supporting decisions and to ensure Indigenous knowledge is sufficiently taken into account;
  • Protections to Canada’s fisheries and waterways are insufficient; and,
  • Indigenous peoples and the public should have more opportunities to meaningfully participate.

This discussion paper outlines the changes our Government is considering for Canada’s environmental assessment and regulatory processes that will:

  • Regain public trust;
  • Protect the environment;
  • Advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples; and,
  • Ensure good projects go ahead and resources get to market.

Government is seeking feedback on this discussion paper.

Sunburned Butterfly?

Came across this shriveled-up butterfly sitting on a hot asphalt path on my walk today. I carried it over to a water fountain, got some water into the palm of my hand, and wet it down a bit. It began crawling all over me. After it gave me a few  kisses on the cheek, I placed it on the shady side of a tree.

shriveled butterfly

UPDATE: A biologist friend notes it’s more likely it had recently emerged and the wings were not completely filled out yet. Oh, well, I still like my story. . . 😉