Social Distancing with Birds and Salmon Fry

We’re still doing Byrne Creek walks in SE Burnaby, being careful to give others a wide berth on the trails. Lots of wildlife out there to enjoy!

northern flicker nest burnaby bc
We spotted this Northern Flicker in Ron McLean Park checking out some real estate.

green-winged teal byrne creek burnaby

There were lots of Green-Winged Teal in the Byrne Creek overflow pond

hooded merganser burnaby bc
A Hooded Merganser couple hanging out in a ditch near the Baraga Community Gardens in SE Burnaby

sparrow with angles
I like all the angles with this sparrow

golden-crowned sparrow
This Golden-Crowned played hide and seek, but I finally got a few good shots

pileated woodpecker feeder
A Pileated Woodpecker at a backyard feeder

yumi mayfly larva byrne creek
Looking for salmon fry. We spotted a few in the creek over a week ago, but had been skunked ever since.  But today we saw a few more. Yay!

salmon fry byrne creek

Yumi found this mayfly larva

tree python byrne creek
This python nearly dropped on us from a tree in Byrne Creek Ravine Park. Keep an eye out, folks! 🙂