Healthy Social Media Habits in Times of Trouble

Lets be careful on social media. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter, and these days even more.  While we should always be careful online, these days we need to be even more vigilant.

Please don’t reflexively repost anything without reading it first. Completely. And after you’ve read it, put some of your elementary school social studies skills to use, and ask some simple questions.

What is the source?

Are there other independent sources?

Do these sources have consistent, reliable track records?

When was it first published? Are you reposting something taken out of context from weeks or months or years ago?

What is the tone of the message? Is it overly negative or positive? Is there a hidden agenda?

I’m sure we can all slow down and think of other simple ways to test the messaging. I know I can get excited and start clicking my way down multiple rabbit holes.

Now is a good time to slow down and think more. . .