Covid Distancing Walk in South Burnaby, BC

Covid distancing walk in south Burnaby along the Skytrain track between Edmonds and 22nd stations today. The urban trail is 2+ meters wide, and there were only a few other folks out and about.

Thank you wind and sky for putting on a great show!

That’s Yumi in the bottom left corner about to be transported 🙂 This is why a slightly dirty camera lens is not always a bad thing. . .

gorgeous south burnaby bc skies

Excellent Hokusai Documentary on Knowledge Network

Just watched Old Man Crazy to Paint on Knowledge Network on the life of Hokusai.

Excellent documentary. Renowned artists and art historians are interviewed on the verge of tears in appreciation of his amazing artistic career, talent, and lifelong dedication.

He completed one of his most famous paintings at the age of 90 just months before he died.

Yumi and I have been fortunate to see some of his works in Tokyo and Washington, DC, and have a book of collected works, but this documentary also uses 8K super high-def video to reveal some his secrets and the incredible detail that makes up his best works.