OK, I’ll Keep My Nikon D5200

I’ve tried to sell my Nikon D5200 a couple of times, with nobody coming near my asking price. It’s not a bad camera, in fact the sensor is damn good, it’s just that it doesn’t have as quick and easy control over certain parameters as my semi-pro D7100 and D7200.

You have to delve into the on-screen menus to set stuff that you can quickly set with dedicated buttons on the higher-end machines.

But yes, the sensor is the same, or very close, so I’ve decided to make it my ultrawide machine, and just leave the Sigma 10-20mm ultrawide mounted on it.

All of these shots taken today were with the D5200 and Sigma 10-20, aside from the birds.

And no, this does not mean that I have stopped lusting after a D500, and a D850 :-).