When Your Product Sells Itself

Our consummately professional and constantly bantering Toyota saleswoman contacted us to wish us a happy new year and let us know that she’d love to discuss new-car-smell options with us 🙂.

We have a RAV4 Hybrid, and it’s been a solid vehicle with a combo of AWD, phenomenal pep, super gas mileage particularly in town where the electric drive gets the most use, and perfect reliability.

Just out of curiosity we asked about the RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid version that can run on electricity only for about 70km before the hybrid gas/electric system kicks in.

She laughed and said, “you can give me a deposit on a RAV4 Prime today, and you can expect delivery in two to three years.” She wasn’t kidding. . .

Apparently they can’t get enough of them and have long waiting lists.

Taking My Own Advice About Photography

Back in 2014 I wrote six blog posts on what I called “Paul’s Photo Tips.” Today I took my own advice regarding “Tip 2 – Read the Manual.”

I hadn’t looked at the manual for my Nikon D7500 in years, and on this quiet, rainy day, with the cat on my lap, I read its over 300 pages. Much of that information will also apply to my D7200.

It was a valuable exercise, as I was reminded of features and functions that I rarely use, and many of which I’ve never even tried.

I also got refresher on setting up autofocus and metering optimized to the kind of nature and wildlife photography that I mostly do.

And something that I’ve never taken advantage of is setting up the programmable dedicated function buttons to suit the sorts of situations I often shoot in.

Here are links to the six tips:

Tip 1 – Take some classes

Tip 2 – Read the manual

Tip 3 – It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer

Tip 4 – It is the camera

Tip 5 – Take lots of photos

Tip 6 – Carry extra cards and batteries


Enviro-Friendly Car Wash for New Year

Started out the New Year with an environmentally friendly car wash.

We wash our car about three or four times a year, usually at a commercial wash that recycles/filters water.

Today I just backed it out of the garage into the drizzle, wetted it down, used a wetted soft cloth to gently wipe away dirt, and used two gallons of our emergency water to rinse off.

No soap, zero environmental impact. All drains lead to habitat!

And refreshed water in some of our emergency stock. . .

Last Photo Ramble of 2020 – Deer Lake

Last photo ramble of 2020.

Deer Lake in #Burnaby, BC. We are so fortunate to have so much green space in our city, and around the BC lower mainland.
Taking frequent walks in nature has helped immeasurably in keeping us somewhat sane in this crazy year.

Wishing all a Happy New Year, and to progress on the pandemic front in 2021.

deer lake burnaby bc

The lake is high — normally you walk down this ramp to the float

Cold, Rainy Day in Steveston, BC

It was a cold, rainy day in Steveston, BC. I don’t think we’ve ever seen it this deserted, though several restaurants were open.

I love the continuing work to preserve much of this heritage area. Kudos to the City of Richmond, eh?

rainy steveston bc
Not a soul in sight

steveston bc cold rainy day

A lonely rose in Obachan’s Garden

The #16 Raygun ready to repel Martian attack 🙂

Green roof with free fertilizer

Meditations Upon Empty Space

Meditations upon empty space.

Contemplating the time spent searching over the course of a few days.

Do not search for what is missing, the answer lies inside.

Release your obsessions, set yourself free.

Become one in piece, um, peace, with the wee six-sided figure. . .

puzzle missing piece

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