Byrne Creek Invasive English Ivy Pull

As part of the City of Burnaby’s Environment Week activities, the City, Byrne Creek Streamkeepers, and the Lower Mainland Green Team collaborated on pulling invasive English Ivy from the ravine. Thanks to all the volunteers!

Streamkeeper volunteers setting up our information booth

Thanks to the Lower Mainland Green Team for providing lots of gear and supervision!

Our 3D maps of the lower mainland, and of the Byrne Creek watershed, were great hits. Made by hand by streamkeeper volunteers!

I love hands-on outdoor events!

Volunteers heading down into the ravine near the playground at Ron McLean Park in SE Burnaby, BC

The pile of ivy grows. . .

Thanking the volunteers

Byrne Creek Burnaby Invasive Ivy Pull
Yumi found this ancient stubbie that was still capped and had liquid in it, but we were afraid to open it 😉

Catching Up After Streamkeeper Workshop in Nanaimo

Last weekend I attended the 2019 SEP Workshop in Nanaimo, BC. It’s held every two years, and offers a cornucopia of sessions ranging from fish biology to public advocacy. Thanks to all the volunteers, Pacific Streamkeepers Federation and DFO Salmonid Enhancement Program who made it a huge success!

I stayed at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park and enjoyed early and late walks on the beach.

Here’s a sunrise teaser from a few days ago with more to come as I get caught up on real life : – ).

rathtrevor beach sunrise

UPDATE June 5: OK, here’s a whack more photos from Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park:

rathtrevor beach provincial park nature

My, How Photo Backups Have Grown. . .

As a slowly healing injured foot still has me sticking close to home, a bit of office cleaning has turned up some boxes with old computer backups.

In 2002, all of my digital photos could be backed up onto 5 CDs (there were 2 more in addition to the “1 of 3” shown below only for streamkeeper activities).

Heh. My current store of photos takes up over 3.4 TB of space, and I back up to HDs in an external USB3 “toaster” that can hot-swap SATA drives, plus another external 6TB drive.

It’s also about time I swapped a backup with the one in the safety deposit box — you also need offsite backup, eh?

CD HD photo backups

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