Fraser Foreshore Walk

We had a ramble this morning at Fraser Foreshore Park in SE Burnaby, walking from Byrne Road east out to the meadow and around and back.

A few sights along the way:

bucket helicopter
This chopper kept circling across the river in Richmond — likely related to the big fire yesterday.

snow berries fraser foreshore park burnaby
Lots of snowberries around.

drink holder stone burnaby
This stone has more cup holders than a minivan. . . It even has a cup. Sigh…

slug fraser foreshore park burnaby

The Joy of Sharing Nature

The joy of sharing nature. . .

On my Byrne Creek ravine loop this morning I was shooting spiders and webs, and a young woman passing by on the trail stopped and asked me what I was taking pictures of. Usually when I answer “spiders and webs” I get the “crazy old man” look.

But she beamed and said, “Cool, can I show you a spider I shot on my cell phone?”

Uh, OK. She held her phone out at arm’s length, and sure enough she had a neat video of a spider working on a web.

And then later as I was approaching our back gate I saw a young mother with a stroller staring up into the trees. “Look,” she said, “a Pileated Woodpecker!”

Sure enough she’d spotted one of the gorgeous birds and we watched together for a minute while I fired away.

It warms the cockles of my heart to see others taking delight in nature.

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