Making Sockeye Steaks

Thank you for your bounty, sockeye.

I’ve cut it into little steaks that Yumi will salt and freeze for Japanese breakfasts and bentos.

Just thaw a steak or two in the fridge overnight, and broil in the morning. With bone and skin on, the flavor as you flake off the flesh is incredible.


sockeye steaks

No, I Don’t Want Eye Drops!

Little rescue Sora still needs drops twice a day, and she knows every time what’s coming, no matter how we try to distract her or sneak it into another routine.

We hate chasing her down, and she’s hissed a few times. But so far she hasn’t scratched or bitten, and once bagged, she cuddles and hides her head.

At least she doesn’t hold a grudge, and minutes later is happy chasing a feather on a string, her fave activity .

Photos by Yumi.

kitty sora eye drops

Damn I love this little kitty, and looking forward to earning her trust in all situations. . .

Sisters Sharing Sunlight

Came up for a breather from my basement office to find new rescue Sora-chan stretched out near her big sister Midori, sharing the sunlight. So cute!

Sora-chan continues to make progress. This is the first time I found her flaked out in the living room, a big move from her usual sleeping place under the bed : – ).

sora midori sunshine

Leading Kids on Tour of Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC

Every summer the City of Burnaby Parks Department has summer camps for kids at Ron McLean Park in SE Burnaby. For the second year, Byrne Creek Streamkeepers were asked to take the kids on a tour of the creek.

This year I was the leader, and it was a blast. We walked from the park down to the creek, and back, talking about the local fish, wildlife, plants, etc.

Byrne Creek tour summer camp kids

The famous Byrne Creek mini-Grind : – ).

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