Coho Smolts Dying on Byrne Creek in Burnaby

One day after schoolchildren released coho smolts into Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC, fish were found dying. Studies show that coho are particularly sensitive to road wash that contains a toxic combination of pollutants including gasoline, oil, antifreeze, and metals.

coho smolts dying

They actually try to swim with their heads above the water as they try to escape the pollutants

It would likely help if the City of Burnaby council would actually implement the Byrne Creek Integrated Stormwater Management Plan and the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The watershed needs rain gardens, swales, and biofiltration ponds. The more road wash that is intercepted and naturally filtered in the ground the better.

UPDATE: I sent this to Dr. Jenifer McIntyre, a professor at Washington State University, who has been researching the impacts of road runoff on salmon. She shared a link to her latest published study comparing road runoff effects on coho vs chum.

Looks interesting!


Alice Lake Birds

Took a day trip to Alice Lake Provincial Park just north of Squamish, BC. Here are a few bird photos.

I heard woodpecker-like noises as I walked around the lake. I saw a dying tree, and figured that’s where the action would be. I finally spotted this sapsucker excavating a cavity. You can see wood chips flying in a couple of the photos.

Red_Breasted Sapsucker

brown creeper
A Brown Creeper

yellow-rumped warbler
I think this is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, aka Audubon’s Warbler

Steller's Jay
Steller’s Jay

25th Anniversary

Thank you to my lovely wife for putting up with me for 25 years.

Sashimi platter and assorted seafood to cook from T&T: prawns, mussels, clams. . . Served on a bed of rice, with grilled mushrooms and Japanese tsukemono pickled vegetables on the side.

That honking huge anniversary candle is a few years behind — it’s down to the point where it’s so thick you can’t burn “a year” in one evening  .

Served on late grandmother’s china, with late mother’s silverware.

Then I realized what I was presenting was better accompanied by hashi (chopsticks).  .  .

East-West fusion.

Gosh, where do the years go?

25th anniversary dinner


Owl, Osprey at Burnaby Lake in Burnaby, BC

We took a long walk at Burnaby Lake today, first checking out Piper Spit for bird action, and then going west, back to the spit, and then east.

At one point as we were walking a trail I said “this looks like a place owls would like.” About five seconds later, Yumi says, “and there’s one there.”

barred owl burnaby lake

A little further on and we saw a raptor high in a tree, eventually getting close enough to see it was an osprey with a fish.

osprey burnaby lake

Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver Spring Forum 2018

The 2018 Spring Forum of the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver today at Mundy Park in Coquitlam, BC, was lots of fun and with educational presentations and a walk in the park to boot.

I joined the board of directors about a year ago, and greatly enjoy opportunities to hang out with this dedicated group that has such a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Beautiful location in Mundy Park

ISCMV Spring Forum
Good turnout

Pamela Zevit of the South Coast Conservation Program leads a walk in the park

Hmm. . .

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