Keeping an Eye on Time Machine

I have an old Mac Mini that I use to play around with some Mac apps, and to use as a Netflix machine. I noticed today that Time Machine was not finding the backup disk. This has happened several times over the last few months even though I never turn off the Mini, and never unplug the external drive Time Machine is backing up to.

Turning the drive off and on did nothing, unplugging it from the USB port and plugging it back in did nothing. I had to reboot the Mini to get Time Machine to find the drive again.

Will have to keep an eye on this.

Choco’s First Anniversary

I remembered that our beloved Choco passed today, a year ago.

She was a wonderful cat, very intelligent and personable.  We mourned for months, and eventually adopted Sora from the SPCA, and she’s filled a void in our hearts.

But Choco was amazing, and we honor her memory, her spirit, and the love that she showered upon us for so many years.

paul choco the cat
One of my fave shots back in 2004.

Why Do Female Stars Feed SuperBowl Misogyny?

I’m nervous writing this post.

Don’t want to sound like a fuddy-duddy, but that Superbowl halftime show?

Both Yumi and I found it, er, over the bottom, I mean, top.

There were loads of comely bottoms gyrating all over the place, not to mention all the thigh-splayed thrusting. And thrusting, and thrusting, and bent-over butt displaying. . .

And the young girls watching portrayed adoringly mesmerized by those “role models. . . ”

“I have to learn to pole dance, and thrust, and shake my booty just like them!”

Is this empowering? Is this Me Too?

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