I Hate Pushy Content

I absolutely HATE it when you go to a web page and suddenly there’s music blaring from your speakers for some advert.

I hate anything that moves or makes noise when I land on a web page, including those creepy “how can I help you” chat popups on some sites.

Oh, yes, I hate animated email messages, too.

If I control my user experience, I am much more likely to read your email or stay on your web page. I’ll even click on a few advert links if they’re something I’m interested in. I might even click on a “click to chat” link if I do have a question.

But if you get pushy with me, I’m gone.

Working So Hard I Overheated! ;-)

Too many things on the go! About half an hour ago a guy from the gas company knocked on the door to say that they had replaced the gas meter (we’d gotten notice a few weeks ago this would happen). He said he’d like to come in and relight the furnace, the water heater, and any other gas appliances.

We keep the house at 18C in the daytime in our mild winters here, so I hadn’t even noticed that the furnace was off.

As part of the relighting he asked me to jack the thermostat way up so that the furnace would kick in.

He left, I got back to work… And mindlessly took my sweatshirt off and continued working in just a T-shirt. And awhile later I was getting more irritated by how bloody hot it was…

And it still took another ten minutes for it to sink in that I’d left the thermostat at 26C!

OK, furnace is off, back to work.

Self-Publishing Fair Convinces Me to Join Federation of BC Writers

I went to my first Federation of BC Writers event today, the Self Publishing Fair held at the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library.

I enjoyed the speakers and chatting with folks who had displays at the fair. I recognized a couple of fellow members of the Editors’ Association of Canada.

I decided to join the “Fed” as it appears to like to call itself. Perhaps being part of such a group will help stimulate me to do more writing!

Restore Canada Rocks!

Thank you Restore Canada, Burnaby location.

The used office chair I bought from you three or four years ago for, if I recall, C$20, died.

So on my way home from dropping off a bunch of stuff at the Burnaby Recycle Center I stopped by your store and picked up a “new” office chair for C$10. Not quite as swanky as the last one, but it still has adjustable height, adjustable arms, lockable back tilt, etc.


Crisp, Clear Day at Alice Lake Provincial Park

I took a couple of hours away from the office to zip up to Alice Lake Provincial Park to take some photos today.

Driving north on the Sea to Sky Highway

Alice Lake Provincial Park
Heading out counter-clockwise around the lake

Alice Lake Provincial Park mergansers
Mergansers hanging on the beach

Alice Lake Provincial Park robin Alice Lake Provincial Park mountain view Alice Lake Provincial ParkStream tumbling into the lake

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake Provincial Park Alice Lake Provincial ParkIn the summer these tables would all be full. Today, I saw only three other people over the entire loop around the lake.

Alice Lake Provincial Park Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake Provincial Park
Roots and rocks embrace

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Alice Lake Provincial Park

Byrne Creek Fry, Blossoms

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers volunteers found a coho fry (newly hatched with yolk still visible) in a bug sample yesterday, so today on my creek walk I stopped at a few likely places to see if I could spot any in the water. I was happy to see three fry!

Byrne Creek salmon fry
Two fry under the wooden footbridge, and I spotted another about ten meters downstream.

Byrne Creek Ravine Park blossoms

Byrne Creek Ravine Park blossoms

Byrne Creek Bug Counting

It was a lovely day for counting bugs on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby today. Such aquatic invertebrate surveys provide an indication of water quality in the creek, and unfortunately while streamkeeper volunteers have been regularly sampling for over ten years, the quality is nearly always poor to marginal, with just the occasional satisfactory at best.

byrne creek bug count
Using a D-net to gather a sample

Byrne Creek bug counting
Chatting with neighbourhood friends

Byrne Creek bug counting
Volunteers show up with a new generation of streamkeepers 🙂

Byrne Creek bug count

Byrne Creek garbage collection
Volunteers usually combine data collection with ongoing garbage cleanup

Early blooming
It’s been a warm winter!

Early blooming

Strange black substance coating Byrne Creek spillway
I checked the artificial spawning habitat and sediment pond for fish, but saw only two cutthroat. No fry yet. I also found this odd black, flaking coating on the sediment pond spillway. Something yucky came down the creek not too long ago!

Great Birding Day at Reifel Sanctuary

Yumi and I spent three or four hours at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary today. In terms of species seen, it was one of our best days down there. It was great chatting with more experienced birders who were happy to share their finds, point them out, and help us with species identification.

Here are some shots taken today:

black crowned night heron
There were lots of these black crowned night herons — apparently an unusual number.

northern saw-whet owl
Northern saw-whet owl?

american cootAmerican coot

american wigeon
American wigeon

American wigeon closeup

bald eagle
Bald eagle

hooded merganser
Hooded merganser

long-eared owl
I’m thinking long-eared owl?

mallard head
Mallard head

mallard tail
Mallard tail

northern pintail
Northern pintail

northern shoveller copule
Northern shoveller couple

red-winged blackbird
Red-winged blackbird

Ring-necked duck?

sandhill crane
Sandhill cranes

sandhill crane head
Sandhill crane

Scaup of some sort?

sharp-shinned hawk
Sharp-shinned hawk? Cooper’s?

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