Byrne Creek Lamprey

There have been some questions about lamprey on the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers mailing list.

Byrne Creek Burnaby LampreyHere’s one that I shot just below the stop log in the sediment pond on July 30 this summer. It was about 15 cm long, give or take a few.

They may seem icky for their snake-like appearance and because many are by nature parasitic, but they are part of the great scheme of things, and have coexisted with salmon, trout and other fish for millennia.

We have observed them spawning in Byrne Creek, in the lower ravine, and in the sediment pond. They are actually quite beautiful to watch when they are mating for they dance and twine together.

Photo Appears Without Credit

Cool! One of my photos appeared in the summer 2015 InfoBurnaby.

Not so cool, they forgot to credit… Sigh.

City of Burnaby staff asked if they could use photos from my blog post from a few months back to promote Parks-organized nature tours. I said sure, but that it would be great to be given credit.

Giving credit is easy, so I wonder why it seems so hard to remember to do.

paul's photo info Burnaby
UPDATE: Aug. 13, 2015. Thank you! In a new brochure, the City used five of my photos — and there were five photo credits!

Approaching Hassle-Free Enjoyment of Music

Let’s make some noise! Quietly… or not.

I now have my main computer set up with a stereo dual-output adapter on the audio output.

One signal is running to my Logitech THX-certified speakers/woofer that can greatly annoy the neighbours if turned up to even a third of their potential, and the other signal is running to the dock for my relatively new Sony wireless headphones.

No more plugging and unplugging. The Logitech speaker setup has a remote volume/on-off switch, and the headphones have their own built-in on/off and volume controls.

Happy boy!

South Burnaby Ravine Forests Show Major Cooling Effect

I was happy to see that water temperatures have eased in Byrne Creek in southeast Burnaby.

Today I got readings of 10/11 C in the ravine, and a high of 13 C at the downstream end of the sediment pond. That’s off from 17+ a few weeks ago, which was getting high for the health of salmon and trout.

It was also interesting to note that the air temperature in the thick, tall woods of the ravine was 15 C, while the air temperature standing on the median of Southridge Drive, a four-lane road running past the ravine, was 24 C.

Another example of the natural services provided by woods and forests!

Samsung, Please, Don’t go ‘Bad Apple’ On Us

Wondering if I should upgrade my Samsung SIII phone to an S5 model, while the S5 is still available.

The reason I’m thinking about this is because I hear Samsung has gone Apple — as in “bad Apple” in the sense of constraining user access — on us, and made the S6 a sealed unit with non-user-replaceable battery, a la iPhone.

I have a second battery for my SIII, and it takes just seconds to pop the back off and switch batteries, or, for that matter, swap memory cards.

I like that.

And no, I’m not a knee-jerk Apple fumigator. I’ve had Macs since the mid-80s. I just don’t like Apple’s steadily increasing drive to shut out hardware hobbyists.

Or Samsung’s moves in that direction.

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