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Checking Out the Q to Q Ferry Trial

We took a ride on the Q to Q ferry service in New Westminster, BC, today. It’s a trial on for a couple of months. It was fun, and we also enjoyed rambling around Port Royal, where we’d never been before.

Q to Q Ferry Trial New Westminster
New Westminster waterfront

Running on weekends now

High-tech fare box works great!

The Fraser lives up to its moniker as a “working river.”

Even on a warm summer day it can be breezy and cool on the river

Ran across the fireworks barge

The old Samson V is looking rather rough. Wonder what its preservation status is?

Welcoming New Hiking Boots

I’m a rambling man. . . 

An early birthday present. Vibram soles, breathable uppers.

Thank you my darling wife!

Dunno how many pairs of hiking boots I’ve worn out over the decades, ranging from traditional full leather to modern weird stuff.

These seem to be a nice balance of tried-and-true soles and moderately high-tech uppers.

Merrell Vibram hiking boots

Visiting Ft. Langley National Historic Site

Yumi and I filled the car with recyclables and headed off to the amazing Burnaby Eco-Centre. We do this about once a month after we’ve accumulated enough stuff to make it worthwhile.

Heading back on the road, it occurred to us that we should take advantage of our free Canada Parks 150 Pass and visit the Ft. Langley National Historic Site. Off we went!

We had a super time! We hadn’t visited in many years, and it was great fun wandering around checking out all the displays, and to top it off we got to watch a musket demonstration.

Ft. Langley National Historic Site