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SEHAB Meetings on Fishy Issues in Kamloops, BC

I’ve been an alternate and full board member of the Salmonid Enhancement and Habitat Advisory Board to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans for some nine years now.

We meet three times year, and board members collect and share information from stewardship groups from across British Columbia. We have expert speakers in, and tour local habitat restoration sites, dams, fish ladders, etc.

We distill all that information, positive and negative,  and report to senior DFO management at Pacific Regional HQ.

Here are a few shots from our latest meeting in Kamloops, BC:

SEHAB meeting Kamloops

BC Hydro Byrne Creek Site Meeting > 2-Hour Tour!

BC Hydro approached Byrne Creek Streamkeepers to get a creek orientation.

Folks were so enthusiastic about exploring the creek and ravine today that a 15-minute site meeting turned into a two-hour ramble! 

Hydro staff are planning a watershed display and activities during the Rivers Day week in September, and BCSS volunteers will set up our booth and information display at the Hydro building, and perhaps lead a creek tour or two.

bc hydro byrne creek tour

We came across this huge banana slug:

banana slug

Leading Kids on Tour of Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC

Every summer the City of Burnaby Parks Department has summer camps for kids at Ron McLean Park in SE Burnaby. For the second year, Byrne Creek Streamkeepers were asked to take the kids on a tour of the creek.

This year I was the leader, and it was a blast. We walked from the park down to the creek, and back, talking about the local fish, wildlife, plants, etc.

Byrne Creek tour summer camp kids

The famous Byrne Creek mini-Grind : – ).