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Burnaby Urban Trail Ramble

Today’s maintaining physical distance walk.

To shake things up a bit we went beneath the Skytrain tracks from our place near Edmonds Station in SE Burnaby nearly all the way to Metrotown. The urban trail is wide, and in about an hour of walking we saw perhaps half a dozen joggers, three or four walkers, and only a couple of cyclists.

thrush burnaby bc

spring blossoms burnaby bc

empty road burnaby bc
This stretch was eerily quiet, even for a Sunday. It’s usually parked up with movie industry vehicles. . .

Homemade Mask

The latest in fashion sewed by my wife Yumi. She even inserted a bendy metal strip on the top for a tighter seal. I can now go out in public after eating garlic sausage. . . Thanks, honey!

You will note the environmentally aware bumblebee pattern :-).

The advice on masks has swung back and forth. Yes, they may not protect you from the virus, but at least your exhalations won’t be floating around. . .  And some stores are demanding you wear one before they will let you in, eh?

home made mask

Canadians, Now Is the Time to Stand Up to Racism

We should always stand shoulder to shoulder against racism, but in these times we need to be even more on guard.

As more reports of racist abuse appear related to Covid, I vow to speak up to any assholes exhibiting such behavior. .

In person.

Every time.

We cannot, and will not, allow such behavior to blossom.

Canadians are better than this.

Don’t behave like an asshole, eh?

Why Are Folks Drooling Over Shoes on LinkedIn?

So I popped over to the increasingly irrelevant LinkedIn to hopefully glean some wisdom about business in these trying times, and was smacked with a thread of folks drooling over some stupidly crippling high-heeled shoes that only the 1% could afford.

And drooling over the model’s legs. . .

I understand folks are hyper and nervous and whatever. But jeez, could we be adults?

If that post and responses had appeared on any internal business LAN, the poster would likely have been in deep shit.

Let’s Please Keep Religion Out of Covid

I was shocked to see a post on Facebook tonight along the lines of  “If I get Covid, I’ll pass it along to all the atheists.”

That’s very Christian of you. Or whatever your religion is.

I’ve known lots of wonderful Christians, lots of wonderful Jews, lots of wonderful Muslims, and yes, lots of wonderful atheists.

I lived in Japan for 14 years where folks have an easygoing attitude. about religion. There’s a saying there that you’re born Shinto, marry Christian, and die Buddhist. (Not to mention that Buddhist sects there had religious wars. . . )

Anyway, in my on-the-ground experience, folks of all of the above persuasions have stepped up to volunteer in our Canadian communities, serving on volunteer boards, helping with neighbourhood cleanups. . .

To even imply anything other is shameful.

Here’s My First Get Out of Jail Free Card

When I find myself in social-distancing times of trouble… I open old boxes.

Down to the last one from my late Mom, though I still have a filing cabinet drawer of her papers, and publications, and stuff.

It’s taken over ten years for me to work my way through it all. Dunno if I’ve just been lazy, or if somewhere deep in my subconscious I didn’t want those boxes to end. . .

Here’s a find.

cipywnyk baby boy mom

That must be me. . . Going home for my first time ever. . .

Honouring the love of mothers everywhere 💟

Photo Folders Cleanup Project While Social Distancing

Getting ready for some photo folders cleanup as we practice social distancing.

Step 1: Consolidated all my photo folders onto one 6TB HD

Step 2: What’s there?
3.86 TB
337,717 files in 3,910 folders

Step 3: Back up all photos to another 6TB HD

Step 4: Start chipping away at deleting shots. I figure I’ll likely be able to cut 10 – 20% if not more.

I trash all out of focus, motion blurred, hugely over- or underexposed shots following each shoot, but I suspect there’s still a lot there that can go.

This will not be a high priority project, but something to chew on slowly.

Covid Distancing Walk in South Burnaby, BC

Covid distancing walk in south Burnaby along the Skytrain track between Edmonds and 22nd stations today. The urban trail is 2+ meters wide, and there were only a few other folks out and about.

Thank you wind and sky for putting on a great show!

That’s Yumi in the bottom left corner about to be transported 🙂 This is why a slightly dirty camera lens is not always a bad thing. . .

gorgeous south burnaby bc skies