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Byrne Creek Lamprey

There have been some questions about lamprey on the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers mailing list.

Byrne Creek Burnaby LampreyHere’s one that I shot just below the stop log in the sediment pond on July 30 this summer. It was about 15 cm long, give or take a few.

They may seem icky for their snake-like appearance and because many are by nature parasitic, but they are part of the great scheme of things, and have coexisted with salmon, trout and other fish for millennia.

We have observed them spawning in Byrne Creek, in the lower ravine, and in the sediment pond. They are actually quite beautiful to watch when they are mating for they dance and twine together.

Photo Appears Without Credit

Cool! One of my photos appeared in the summer 2015 InfoBurnaby.

Not so cool, they forgot to credit… Sigh.

City of Burnaby staff asked if they could use photos from my blog post from a few months back to promote Parks-organized nature tours. I said sure, but that it would be great to be given credit.

Giving credit is easy, so I wonder why it seems so hard to remember to do.

paul's photo info Burnaby
UPDATE: Aug. 13, 2015. Thank you! In a new brochure, the City used five of my photos — and there were five photo credits!

Raining Rodents in Burnaby

I heard a light thud on the roof, or perhaps a window, and looked out to see a rodent on the walk in front of our door.

Dropped by a raptor?

I put on a pair of disposable medical gloves (rodents can carry parasites) and put it in a box. I know a biologist who uses desiccated beasties for teaching, so it’s double bagged and in the freezer.