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Putting up Dog Posters Along Byrne Creek

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers create whimsical and funny dog posters to put up along the creek in the fall to remind dog walkers that salmon are coming back to spawn. We have excellent relations with dogs and their owners — they are out there nearly every day and are excellent “eyes on the creek.”

Over the years dog walkers have come to expect the posters, and even start asking about them if they are not up by mid-October.

We have permission from Burnaby Parks to put these posters up, and we use zap-straps to attach them to trees without harming them.

yumi dog posters
Yumi preparing a poster

yumi dog poster

yumi dog poster
Yumi’s latest creation

maho dog poster
Maho’s dog poster

yumi scream dog poster
Gee, wonder where Yumi got the inspiration for this one? : -)

dog poster bridge
Attaching a poster to the footbridge


Guardians at the Gate, Grazing Cat

Took Choco out on her harness. She’s an indoor cat, but she does like to get out to graze now and then. Unfortunately the drought this summer resulted in even less grass than our sparse little patch usually gets.

grazing cat

It’s the time of year when lots of spiders festoon themselves around our front door. Entering or exiting requires a careful scan of the situation, and much ducking and, er, weaving, to get through without creating too much disturbance.


Lovely Walk with Lovely Wife at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

It was a brisk, sunny day today, and my wife and I celebrated her taking the final exam in one of her accounting classes yesterday by taking a three- or four-hour ramble around the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC.

It was my second time there in a week, and I came away pleased with my photographic efforts for the day.

sandhill crane
Sandhill crane. At one point Yumi counted 12 of them,  a wonderful sight to see. I can remember a decade or so ago, folks would get excited to see even a pair!

sandhill cranes

sandhill crane

wood duck
Ah am a handsome devil, ain’t I? Spectacular male wood duck.

Not positive about this one. A dowitcher?

American Coot
Love the cool footsies on this American Coot.

Red-Winged Blackbird
A red-winged blackbird in the hand means soon no more seeds in the hand!

Golden Crowned Sparrow
I’m thinking this may be what Stokes calls a “1st winter” Golden-Crowned Sparrow.