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Lovely Walk with Lovely Wife at Reifel Bird Sanctuary

It was a brisk, sunny day today, and my wife and I celebrated her taking the final exam in one of her accounting classes yesterday by taking a three- or four-hour ramble around the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC.

It was my second time there in a week, and I came away pleased with my photographic efforts for the day.

sandhill crane
Sandhill crane. At one point Yumi counted 12 of them,  a wonderful sight to see. I can remember a decade or so ago, folks would get excited to see even a pair!

sandhill cranes

sandhill crane

wood duck
Ah am a handsome devil, ain’t I? Spectacular male wood duck.

Not positive about this one. A dowitcher?

American Coot
Love the cool footsies on this American Coot.

Red-Winged Blackbird
A red-winged blackbird in the hand means soon no more seeds in the hand!

Golden Crowned Sparrow
I’m thinking this may be what Stokes calls a “1st winter” Golden-Crowned Sparrow.

Wonderful Afternoon at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta, BC

A few shots from today’s ramble.

egret Reifel
Folks more knowledgeable than moi were proclaiming this an egret

heron reifel
Great Blue Heron

Northern Flicker Reifel
Northern Flicker

Yellow Jacket
I’m not that great on identifying wasps, but I think this is a Yellow Jacket.

I was dive-bombed by several of these on my walk today. I held my peace, kept calm, and closed my eyes when one went so far as to get trapped in my glasses for a second or two.

They kept the peace, too. Whew! 🙂

Super Wild Research & Byrne Ck Streamkeepers Fish ID Workshop

Wee fishies give  young biologists joy : -).

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers volunteers and Wild Research members enjoyed a fish ID workshop this morning, and then we went out and retrieved traps from Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby.

Thanks to biologist Jim Roberts of Hemmera, who gave an excellent presentation on the complexities of identifying salmonids and other BC freshwater fish.

Note all fish are released unharmed.

Fish Trapping Byrne Creek

And thanks to Burnaby-Edmonds MLA Raj Chouhan for hosting the morning in-class session in his community office.

Lovely Day at Alta Vista Park Community Picnic

It was a lovely sunny day today at the Alta Vista Park Community Picnic in south Burnaby. This event has been happening annually for, I believe, over 25 years. Just local folks, mostly women, organizing this small fundraiser to keep the park equipment updated and in good shape.

Volunteers from the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society have been attending this event for around ten years or more. We love this event because it’s NOT an environmental event, it’s truly a local community party, and it’s a great chance to talk to folks about their local watersheds and streams.

Here are a few photos from today:

alta vista park picnic
Local faves Rainshadow perform

alta vista park picnic
City of Burnaby Parks and Rec crafts table

alta vista park picnic
Clowning around…

Homelessness task force
Burnaby Task Force on Homelessness

alta vista park picnic
Hot dogs!

alta vista park picnic
Air guitar contest

alta vista park picnic
Byrne Creek Streamkeepers display

alta vista park picnic
Folks checking out 3D watershed map – cool!

Cooler Weather = First Batch of Oden Since Last Winter

You know you’re sliding toward fall and winter when you make your first batch of oden. It’s a bit late to dig in now (9:30pm) but it’ll be great with a side dish of genmai brown rice in the morning.

Anyway it’s often better when you let it sit for awhile and let all the flavors mingle…

Oden on stove

Yumi’s Mom in Aomori (northern Japan) makes wonderful nishime in the fall & winter — I get the impression that her stock simmers for months and she just keeps replenishing veggies and seafood.