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Goldeneye at Birch Bay State Park

I took a Friday – Monday trip out to the Okanagan to visit some relatives from Saskatchewan who had booked a suite in Osoyoos for a winter break. I’ll gradually catch up with posts, but here’s a couple of shots of a goldeneye at Birch Bay State Park in Washington State.  There were a lot of them hanging out just off the beach. (I came home through the US to take a different road, and do some shopping though the exchange rate isn’t nearly as favorable as it had been for the last few years.)

Goldeneye Birch Bay State Park
Stretching and/or drying wings

Goldeneye Birch Bay State Park
Making a call

Informative Burnaby Mason Bee Workshop

I attended a mason bee workshop sponsored by the City of Burnaby today. I’ve been to these before, but I always learn something new. Today’s speakers were bee expert Margriet Dogterom who runs BeeDiverse Products and bird box and bee box builder extraordinaire Joe Sadowski.

Margriet Dogerom
Margriet in action

Joe Sadowski
Joe mentioned that he turned “83 years young” the other day!

When he saw me, he gave me a punch in the shoulder by way of greeting. I may have a bruise coming on 🙂

Melinda Yong
Organizer Melinda Yong of the City of Burnaby Parks Department

Same Scene, Half a Year Apart

Realized that I’ve shot the same scene about half a year apart. While the scenes are not exactly lined up, you can recognize the fence posts and get a sense of how close I must have been standing for the two takes.

NIcola Valley March 2015
March 9, 2015

BC Highway 5A
October 1, 2014

If you look closely, you can see that I was just a few steps to the right compared to the more recent photo. Cool!

Oops, this is on the BC 5A north of Merritt.