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Met the Otter at Deer Lake Again

After our Deer Lake canoe shakedown cruise two days ago, we were going to canoe Burnaby Lake, but discovered there was a regatta in progress. So it was back to Deer Lake where we saw the otter again, and what appeared to be a juvenile bald eagle.

eagle deer lake

otter deer lake burnaby
This little fella was hanging around right where we saw him/her two days ago.

otter deer lake burnaby
Hide and seek among the lily pads

This kingfisher was too far away for a good shot with my teeny pocket Canon PowerShot 520HS, so rather grainy in this blowup.

I am loath to take my DSLRs and big lenses canoeing!

Canoeing Burnaby’s Deer Lake

We dusted off the canoe and went for our first spin this year. Just been too busy to get out with Yumi both working full time and taking classes.

It was a lovely morning for a shakedown cruise, and we paddled leisurely around the lake a few times.

Deer Lake Canoeing
Heading out with Yumi in the bow

Yumi is always in the bow, seeing as I outweigh her by about 100 pounds : -)

Deer Lake geese
Lots of Canada Geese on the beach and lake

Deer Lake canoeing
Metrotown skyline

Deer Lake furry water beastie
This furry water beastie approached us, coming quite near before turning away

Deer Lake furry water beastie

Deer Lake wildlife area market
Some years ago Burnaby designated the west end of the lake as a no-go wildlife area. People, please respect this haven.

Deer Lake cormorant and herons
A cormorant and three herons

cormorant herons Deer Lake wildlife area
You can clearly see the importance of this small area of urban biodiversity

Deer Lake mallard escort
An escort of mallards

Deer Lake damselfly
A visit from a damselfly

Yumi blackberries
Yumi doing her best to keep invasive Himalayan blackberries in check : -)

Deer Lake friendly mallard
This pretty mallard was pretty used to people, perhaps overly so!

Erickson's Baldwin House
Gliding toward Arthur Erickson’s Baldwin House

Deer Lake east beach
Back ashore at the east beach

1963 Passport Photo

Some office cleaning today turned up a 4 X 5″ negative of a passport photo of my late Dad, taken in 1963.

Yep, in those days they still shot on 4 X 5, likely did a contact print, and then physically cropped to passport size.

Dmytro Cipywnyk passport photo

Byrne Creek Salmon Fry, Thirsty Wasps, Bees

I took a one-hour loop in Byrne Creek Ravine Park this afternoon in SE Burnaby, BC. I was happy to see lots of salmon fry, and possibly trout fry. I took water temperatures at three points in the lower ravine, and they ranged from 14.5 – 15 C, so not too bad for fish. Other volunteers with the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers had recorded temps as high as 17 further downstream.

Aside from lots of fry, I also saw thirsty wasps and bees. Some wasps were rolling and collecting mud.

Byrne Creek salmon fry
Lots of fry in the pool upstream of the wooden footbridge

wasp rolling mud
Wasp rolling mud on the bank of the creek

water-seeking bees
One of several bees seeking hydration

salmon fry, dappled sun and water
I like how the sun and moving water created this dappled appearance

Blu-Ray Burner, M-Discs in Place for Summer Backup Project

I have a fairly robust backup system for my office computers, and in particular my extensive archive of photographs.

I have two NAS (network attached storage) devices on my local network, one with dual 3 TB drives in it, the other with dual 1.5 TB drives.

I also have a couple of USB 3.0 “toasters,” or HD docks that enable hot-swapping of HDs, so that I can have several in rotation, with one always kept in a safety deposit box at my bank.

But I had no “permanent” backups, or in other words, ones that could not be accidentally overwritten. So even with backups on several HDs, the data on those HDs is always potentially in flux.

The solution many professional photographers and videographers seem to use is Blu-Ray backup, specifically to archival-grade M-discs. Once burned, these cannot be overwritten, and supposedly have archival lives reaching into many decades, if not the claimed centuries.

Each Blu-Ray M-disc can store 25 GB of data. I have read about photography backup systems in which flash cards are immediately copied to Blu-Ray for archiving.

blu-ray drive with M-Discs

As of this writing, I have 1.54 TB of photos and videos. So I plan to slowly burn them to Blu-Ray over the summer, a disc or three or five a day. And of course I’ll be burning all new photo/video files from now on as they are ingested into the computer.

How much is all this costing? Well, the writer was about C$100 with taxes. The M-Discs were just over C$450 for 100, or about 2.5 TB of storage.

Cheap for the security.