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Refinishing Stair Handrails – Covid Project #33b

Three rounds of stripping and scraping using an environmentally benign gel, and several hours of sanding over the course of a few days and the handrails from our stairs are finally denuded of what seemed like about 10 coats of paint. Whew!

Was pleased at the decent quality of the wood underneath all those layers. Will likely go with a mild stain/varnish and sealer.

It was a lot work, but I hate wasting good wood, and had some time on my hands. . .

stripping sanding handrails

UPDATE (June 28): The boss chose Varathane in Golden Oak. Looking good! I’ll do another coat later today, let them sit overnight, and install tomorrow.

staining handrails

Kitty Spots a Hummer

Sora the Cat was sitting at the dining room window looking through the screen when she started chattering.

We looked up and there was a hummer on the tree outside. Fortunately it stayed while I ran down to my office to get Big Bertha, spinning the ISO up to 3200 and shooting handheld at a 35mm equivalent of 900mm.

Nikon D7200 and Tamron 150-600 zoom, first gen.

anna's hummingbird burnaby bc

Spectacular Aomori Sea of Japan Coast Marred by Plastics

One of my “nieces” (cousin’s daughter) is starting a project documenting all the plastics used in her life. That got me thinking about our trip to Japan last year when one day we went to the Sea of Japan coast in Aomori Prefecture.

The views were spectacular, but once you got up close, there were piles of plastic garbage strewn all over the beach. Much of the crap was not Japanese, but had floated in from other countries across the sea.

It occurred to me that I’d never posted these photos to my blog, so here they are. Shot in April 2019.

sea of japan aomori coast plastics

And then this. . .

Super Birding Day at Iona Beach near YVR

I spent about four hours rambling Iona Beach Regional Park near YVR today, part of the superb Metro Vancouver Regional Parks system.

First, welcome to the ‘hood. . . Not! Red-Winged Blackbird greeting committee. . .

blackbird corvid fight iona beach yvr

Next up, lots of tree swallows.

tree swallows iona beach yvr

Perhaps not the best spot to attempt a landing, damselfly!

Look Ma! No head!

And lots of waxwings. . .
waxwings iona beach yvr

A couple of hummers. . .
hummingbird iona beach yvr

And finishing off with an osprey. . .
osprey iona beach yvr