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Lots of Wildlife in SE Burnaby

We took our usual walk in Byrne Creek Ravine Park this morning in SE Burnaby. It was sunny, albeit cold.

There were lots of folks out walking and yet obviously being careful to maintain social distance when passing on the trails, for example stepping a few meters off to let other other pass.

We didn’t see any salmon fry in the creek, though we first spotted some over a week ago. But there was lots of other wildlife to enjoy.

pileated woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

northern flicker
This Northern Flicker was drumming on roof vent

hooded merganser
Hooded Merganser in Byrne Creek habitat overflow pond

american robin
American Robin

cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

Always Nice to Spot/Hear Birds on Walks

We’ve seen hummingbirds and a brown creeper on our Byrne Creek Ravine Park walks in SE Burnaby, BC, the last few days.

We also heard a barred owl calling yesterday for the first time in quite awhile, so we stood there grinning at each other listening to the call.

peekaboo hummingbird

brown creeper burnaby
Max zoom with my pocket cam in failing light. Plus 2 or 3 EV.

Throttled Still Creek Riparian Zone Supports Amazing Wildlife

I new I’d have a couple of hours to kill while the car was getting a scheduled maintenance at Destination Toyota in Burnaby, BC.

I also knew Still Creek ran just steps away, so I did several loops up and down the sides of the creek between a couple of bridges.

It’s amazing how much life this wee throttled riparian zone supports in the middle of the urban jungle.

Common Merganser exploding into flight

Northern Flicker

American Robin

Green-winged Teal


Still Creek Flora Fauna Burnaby BC

We’ve Got Fry in Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby!

Yumi and have been doing spot checks for salmonid fry in Byrne Creek in SE #Burnaby where we volunteer as streamkeepers.

Today we spotted two, the first we’ve seen this year. It’s so exciting and uplifting to know that the salmon that returned to spawn in this battered urban creek were successful in starting a new generation.

The last year was not friendly to salmon. Drought conditions last summer resulted in very low, warm flows. Then we had snow and torrential rains in the winter, so much so that we were afraid that nests of eggs may have been blown out.

We’ll be keeping sharp eyes out for more fry in the days and weeks to come!

salmon fry byrne creek burnaby
A poor photo taken with my pocket cam in low light. Will try to get some better shots soon.