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Moody Kitty Waking Up Shots

I don’t often shoot with my cellphone, because I have lots of dedicated photo gear.

But today I went through the photo folder on my Samsung A5, and transferred them all over to my computer. There were more than I expected, around 150.

Lots of shots of our late Choco the Cat in there, and accumulating some of new kitty Sora.

Here are some shots of Sora waking up from her afternoon nap. I kinda like the low-light, grainy, moodiness of the cell cam. . .

kitty sora low light cellphone photos
Yes, that’s a kitty face wondering if Daddy was awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Afternoon Walkabout at Barnet Marine Park

It was a lovely afternoon for exploring Barnet Marine Park in north Burnaby, BC. I try to get up there a few times a year. It was fairly  busy just before the end of summer and the start of school, so not as many birds around.

Drummond’s Walk, named after the late Doug Drummond, a Burnaby mayor who “shared the dream that many citizens had expressed to him about public access and trails on Burnaby’s waterfront.. . . for all to enjoy.”

Hard to believe he died 17 years ago, I remember attending his funeral.

birds at Barnett Marine Park Burnaby BC


Fascinated Cat, Playful Birds

“Dey know, the fluffy buggers, I can’t get ’em. But I still duz my best to rattle the window!”

We’re indoor cat people, partly because we live on a ravine and outdoor cats disappear fast around here with the coyotes around, and also because even well-fed cats cannot resist killing birds.

Cats can be very happy indoors, but it takes a lot of play time and interaction.

But that’s why we love ’em to begin with, eh?

Our last cat, Choco, was nervous outdoors, and would only go out supervised in a harness to chew on some grass, sticking very close to home.

New rescue kitty Sora has not been introduced to the harness yet, that’s still a bit down the road.

cat bird feeder

Sora-Chan Getting Comfy in My Chair

A little over three weeks since we adopted Sora-chan from the SPCA, she’s getting pretty comfy around the place. Her initial fear has completely worn off, though she still startles occasionally.

Over the last few days she’s appropriated my recliner in the living room, and has also discovered that it’s great fun licking my nose and chewing my mustache at 4:00 am.

She is incredibly energetic, and loves chasing a feather on a string. . . for hours. . .

While people often say it would be wonderful if cats remained kittens all their lives, and dogs remained puppies, this is one teenager that I’m looking forward to gaining some maturity : – ).

sora kitty daddy's chair

Camping at Nairn Falls

Zipped up the Sea to Sky yesterday for a one-night camping trip at Nairn Falls Provincial Park.

nairn falls camping

Realized that we’ve had this trusty axe for 20 years. It’s a midsize, great for car camping, tho occasionally I’d like something with about a pound heavier head and foot longer handle.