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Streamkeepers Install Dog Posters on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby

Volunteer streamkeepers make dog posters that the City of Burnaby’s Parks Department gives us permission to zap-strap to trees to remind dogs to stay out of the creek during the salmon spawning season, and until salmon eggs hatch in the spring.

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers volunteers Maho and Yumi have created several whimsical posters that impart the information with humour.

We’ve been doing this so long on Byrne Creek that dog walkers start asking us in the fall when the posters will be up!

They’re also a conversation piece, and we chatted with several walkers about them today.

dog posters creeks spawning salmon

Gentle Giants, Wee Porkers

These gentle giants provide coyote protection on a farm in Langley. The owner said her predator losses went to zero after she got the dogs. Apparently they love to work, sleep much of the day, and patrol all night.

huge dogs provide predator protection

And these once nearly-extinct little KuneKune pigs love petting and attention.

kunekune pigs

Thanks to the Langley Environmental Partners Society for hosting this WaterWeeks: Farm Fresh Bus Tour!

We enjoyed it, and learned a lot. Great to visit all these small organic and heritage farms operated by passionate folks attuned with nature.

Moody Kitty Waking Up Shots

I don’t often shoot with my cellphone, because I have lots of dedicated photo gear.

But today I went through the photo folder on my Samsung A5, and transferred them all over to my computer. There were more than I expected, around 150.

Lots of shots of our late Choco the Cat in there, and accumulating some of new kitty Sora.

Here are some shots of Sora waking up from her afternoon nap. I kinda like the low-light, grainy, moodiness of the cell cam. . .

kitty sora low light cellphone photos
Yes, that’s a kitty face wondering if Daddy was awake in the wee hours of the morning.