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Aging Cat Still Displays Amazing Sensory Skills

The sensitivity and prescience of the average house cat boggles the mind.

I just spent 45 minutes banging around in the kitchen making oatmeal, choco chip, sesame cookies, while the cat slept in my office in the basement. She did not stir.

Last batch of cookies out of the oven, I fed the turtle in her sun lamp-lit corner of the living room, turned around, and there’s the cat sitting by her dish. Sheesh.

You know the rule, Daddy, feed one, gotta feed the other!

Life is Rough, Eh? Meow…

Life is rough. Here it is, 8:45 on Sunday morning and I’m exhausted.

Finally got the humans up, ordered a bit of soft food and a wee bowl of diluted juice from a can of water-packed tuna on the side, had a group cuddle while they nursed their first coffees…

And I still have the whole day ahead…. I think I’ll have a snooze.

choco foyer

Kitty Kuddles

Why we love our pets:

I have not succumbed to a brooding summer cold, but have a splitting headache. Today mid-morning I turned out the lights in my office and eased myself down on the floor for a nap, and…

Choco the Cat came in, meowked around a bit, gingerly stepped onto my chest, stretched out, and set the purr machine on 11.

“It’s OK, daddy, I’ll purr you better!”

Happy Birthday to Me & Damn I Love Our Cat

Roll-your-own sushi for my birthday. Thank you to my lovely wife Yumi for the delectable feast!

paul choco sushi

And yes, Choco the Cat has officially attained the age of batshit-crazy grandma who doesn’t give a #$%* anymore about proper behaviour. : -)

We don’t have it in us to discipline the old gal in the twilight of her years.  Choco has been a wonderful addition to the family ever since we got her from the Burnaby SPCA many years ago.

She just looks hurt and confused if admonished these days, a noticeable contrast to her youth when she learned quickly.

You have to make adjustments as a beloved companion ages.

We’ve been rearranging furniture, and adding “steps” here and there so she can still get to her favorite places.

Damn I love my kitty, even when she wakes us at 5 am…