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Owl Graces Rainy Walk in South Burnaby

What a treat on a rainy walk in south Burnaby — Yumi spotted this barred owl near Byrne Creek and we spoke to it gently while I fished my wee pocket Canon out for a few shots.

Yumi took the day off to work on her CPA program, and after five hours of stuffing her head decided she needed a break.

We are so fortunate to have such a lovely oasis of urban biodiversity right out our back gate!

It’s doing that ‘looking at you backwards’ thing that owls do so well.

barred owl

Eagle, Craneflies, Dragonflies in South Surrey, BC

I was supposed to be up in Haida Gwaii this weekend for SEHAB meetings and tours of local stewardship projects, but a nasty stomach bug and fever that hit the night before the early Friday morning flight kept me grounded.

By noon today I was feeling good enough to get out and about again, so I consoled my loss of Haida Gwaii with a few hours shooting nature photos in South Surrey.

Bald Eagle in flight
Bald Eagle carrying fish

Dancing cranefly duo. Whoops, more likely some kind of wasps?