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Byrne Creek Salmon Fry, Thirsty Wasps, Bees

I took a one-hour loop in Byrne Creek Ravine Park this afternoon in SE Burnaby, BC. I was happy to see lots of salmon fry, and possibly trout fry. I took water temperatures at three points in the lower ravine, and they ranged from 14.5 – 15 C, so not too bad for fish. Other volunteers with the Byrne Creek Streamkeepers had recorded temps as high as 17 further downstream.

Aside from lots of fry, I also saw thirsty wasps and bees. Some wasps were rolling and collecting mud.

Byrne Creek salmon fry
Lots of fry in the pool upstream of the wooden footbridge

wasp rolling mud
Wasp rolling mud on the bank of the creek

water-seeking bees
One of several bees seeking hydration

salmon fry, dappled sun and water
I like how the sun and moving water created this dappled appearance

Presenting ‘Beautiful Byrne Creek’ at Burnaby Library June 4

Back by popular demand! 🙂

As part of the City of Burnaby’s Environment Week celebrations, I’ll be presenting a slide show on “Beautiful Byrne Creek” at the Tommy Douglas Library in SE Burnaby on June 4, at 7:00 pm.

Paul bug streamkeepers
Yes, you too, can become a streamkeeper just like me! 😉

Similar to last year’s presentation, I will give an overview of Burnaby watersheds, and then focus on Byrne Creek and what sorts of activities volunteer streamkeepers do to help protect and restore natural habitat in the urban environment.

I’ll have lovely nature shots of the creek and ravine park, posters, streamkeeper handbooks and equipment, etc.

Suitable for all ages!

Hope to see you there.