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Stream of Dreams Watershed Education/Community Art Program

It was great to be back in an elementary school helping to deliver the Stream of Dreams Murals Society watershed education and community art program!

stream of dreams Dreamfish

There has been some remote program delivery, and while getting the message across, it doesn’t compare emotionally with being in  a school.

With careful protocols, some adjustments to delivery, and repeated and thorough sanitization between each class, today’s sessions went smoothly, and several teachers said they loved the program!

And of course team members, teachers, and students are masked at all times.

Team members are cross-trained to do both the watershed/environment education part of the program, and supervising kids through the Dreamfish painting.

The fish will eventually be installed as a beautiful mural on the school’s chain-link fence to remind students, their families, and the entire neighbourhood that All Drains Lead to Fish Habitat!

Pink Salmon on the Cheakumus

Pink Salmon spawning in the Cheakamus near Squamish, BC, today.

This cycle of life is amazing to behold.

Look at the tail fin on that female, abraded down to a stub as she dug a redd — a depression in the gravel and cobble in which to lay her eggs — and then covered it up after a male released his milt.

I don’t know how many years we’ve been heading out to observe this miracle of life-death-life, but we never tire of it.

It’s awesome and humbling.

pink salmon spawning cheakamus squamish bc

Byrne Creek Bug Count in Burnaby

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society volunteers conducted an aquatic invertebrate survey (bug count) on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC, today.

Bugs give us an indication of water quality because some are more pollution tolerant than others. Our surveys over many years have steadily found mostly pollution tollerant species, and they also tend to be small in size compared to more pristine creeks.

As usual, our results were in the poor to marginal range using the methodology in The Streamkeepers Handbook and Modules.

The creek gets a lot of road wash that carries contimanants down street drains, and we also get point-source pollution events when deleterious substances are emptied into street drains, or when construction sites are illegally pumped out.

Please rember that All Drains Lead to Fish Habitat!

bug count aquatic invertebrates byrne creek burnaby bc

The new shelter near the wading pool in Ron McLean Park proved to be a great place to count the bugs and enter the results on data sheets.

Fish Trapping on Byrne Creek in Burnaby, BC

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers volunteers set out Gee traps in the creek yesterday and came back this morning to see what we got. Trapping requires a permit. Today’s results included coho salmon, cutthroat trout, and crayfish.

It was a lovely morning to be out on the creek, and we were happy to be able to get the trapping, IDing, measuring, and releasing done before spawners start to retun to the creek.

We usually do this activity earlier in the year, but were advised to postpone it because it was so hot this summer that the fish were already stressed.

It was also great to chat with folks who came by, and explain what we were doing!

fish trapping ID byrne creek burnaby bc