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Fascinated Cat, Playful Birds

“Dey know, the fluffy buggers, I can’t get ’em. But I still duz my best to rattle the window!”

We’re indoor cat people, partly because we live on a ravine and outdoor cats disappear fast around here with the coyotes around, and also because even well-fed cats cannot resist killing birds.

Cats can be very happy indoors, but it takes a lot of play time and interaction.

But that’s why we love ’em to begin with, eh?

Our last cat, Choco, was nervous outdoors, and would only go out supervised in a harness to chew on some grass, sticking very close to home.

New rescue kitty Sora has not been introduced to the harness yet, that’s still a bit down the road.

cat bird feeder

Camping at Nairn Falls

Zipped up the Sea to Sky yesterday for a one-night camping trip at Nairn Falls Provincial Park.

nairn falls camping

Realized that we’ve had this trusty axe for 20 years. It’s a midsize, great for car camping, tho occasionally I’d like something with about a pound heavier head and foot longer handle.

Metro Vancouver Forests & Climate Change at BC Mills House

Yumi and I had a blast visiting the BC Mills House and exploring Lynn Creek at a Metro Vancouver Parks event on forests and climate change. Great displays, and informative and friendly interpreters.

Yumi also spotted water bugs and fry, so that made the day complete .

bc mills lynn creek

Yumi decided not to pursue a new career fighting forest fires : – )

The rescue folks had a display as well. Gear up, be prepared and let someone know where you’re going!

Yumi in her element exploring Lynn Creek


Salmonid fry, too!

Water ballet

American Dipper

Dipper dipping. . .

Why dogs don’t fly : – ). Yumi spotted this interesting tree.

Cool fungus with teeny beads of moisture