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White Rock Beach Walk Bird Action

We heard there was less smoke down in White Rock, BC, than around here in Burnaby, so we headed down for a beach walk today. It certainly was more pleasant near the water.

white rock beach walk
There were several killdeer flitting about the water’s edge

Mallards in flight

Not sure what kind of dove this is. Have asked some experts. . .
UPDATE: Eurasian Collared-Dove

Cormorant off the pier

Yumi shot me on the pier

We came across this massive old log that must have been part of a logging operation

Beasts Enjoy White Rock Sunrise

I woke up at 4:30 this morning, and figured I might as well get out and enjoy the sunrise. But where? Thought the White Rock, BC, pier and Crescent Beach would be nice, and was rewarded for driving down.

There were several Great Blue Herons

Seal off the boat slip

heron gull seal white rock

Looking back up the pier

White Rock sunrsie
The view to the west

The view to the east

Crescent Beach

Looking north from Crescent Beach toward Vancouver

Raptor Beauty in Burnaby

The hawk family we’ve been observing in Burnaby is getting close to splitting up. The kids are fledged, and while they’re still calling for their parents, we sense they’ll be off not too long from now.

It’s hard to see them with the trees fully leafed out, but we’ve been fortunate to spot them almost daily.

Gosh they are beautiful. And deserving of respect and privacy. So we never hang around or stare for more than a minute or two.

hawk burnaby bc