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Shifting Volunteer Hours to Work-Related Endeavours

I’m rejiggering my volunteer time. Pulling back a bit from some of the fishy/enviro stuff, and shifting over to more work-related volunteering.

First step, meet the new Program Chair for the Editors Canada BC Branch :-).

I really enjoyed meeting lots of folks and renewing many acquaintances at the Editors Canada BC Branch Annual General Meeting tonight.

Thank you for your confidence in accepting me into the executive fold, and here’s to having more great programs for 2016-17 starting next autumn! And thanks to Kyra and Marianne for also joining the program committee.

I have some big shoes to fill, but I’m happy that everyone is happy to help.

Never Work for Free

Cleaning my office today I ran across some words of wisdom posted to the Society of Writers, Editors, and Translators (Japan) mail list back in 1996 by Fred Uleman, quoting “Hugh Gigante of MktgMavens”:

1. I never work free of charge
2. I never work cheap
3. I charge more than others because I am better than them
4. I never get paid based on performance, only deliverables
5. I define deliverables
6. I always have more of the client’s money than he has of my time
7. Rates go up every six months
8. People who want work free or on spec must first show that they are working on the same basis, and are a legal charity
9. Every client can be fired, any day
10. Repeat number 1.

Enjoyed 2015 Editors’ Association of Canada Conference

I attended Editing Goes Global, the 2015 annual conference of the Editors’ Association of Canada, held in conjunction with the Professional Writers Association of Canada. The conference was in Toronto on June 12-14.

I was a volunteer photographer for the event, and you can see 498 of my photos on the EAC Flickr feed here. You can also look for the 2015 conference album on the site.

It was an excellent conference with six streams of workshops and sessions. As a photog, I got to run around and check on all of them, attending longer at a few that matched my interests here and there as time allowed.

CN Tower Toronto

OS Numbnuts Need to Take a Break

Earlier tonight I posted in an international editors’ forum about some software I was considering buying. To be clear, the question was about an application, not about operating systems.

I mentioned that I have both Windows and Mac machines, because there are similar apps for both, though in this case I was looking for Windows apps.

One would think that other editors, being literate, professional wordsmiths, would read this and understand it.

No. Of course not.

The first reply (and the only one after several hours) was from someone touting Windows as the ultimate development platform, and by relation, trashing Macs.

Thanks, you just behaved like an idiot, and scared other folks away from the thread. We’ve been there and seen it done so many times. When the  first bozo comment appears, we don’t waste our time on the thread any more.

So why am I wasting time on this blog post? I guess I’m still pissed off at this antisocial behaviour.

Why? Why? Why do adults succumb to such stupidity?

Some of us like Windows. Some of us like Macs. Some of us use Linux. I have machines running all three.