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Streamkeepers Install Dog Posters on Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby

Volunteer streamkeepers make dog posters that the City of Burnaby’s Parks Department gives us permission to zap-strap to trees to remind dogs to stay out of the creek during the salmon spawning season, and until salmon eggs hatch in the spring.

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers volunteers Maho and Yumi have created several whimsical posters that impart the information with humour.

We’ve been doing this so long on Byrne Creek that dog walkers start asking us in the fall when the posters will be up!

They’re also a conversation piece, and we chatted with several walkers about them today.

dog posters creeks spawning salmon

Byrne Creek Spawner Patrol, No Fish, Fishing Heron

Yumi and I did a two-hour patrol of Byrne Creek in SE Burnaby, BC, today, looking for spawning salmon. We were skunked again. With the recent rains, chum and coho should be moving up the creek from the Fraser River any day now.

But it was still a lovely ramble, and we spotted a Great Blue Heron successfully fishing in the creek.

great blue heron fishing Byrne Creek Burnaby

byrne creek autumn colours burnaby bc

Tagged tree down! Many years ago, volunteer streamkeepers laid out a system of numbered tags along the creek to which we reference data collection and activities. This tree has toppled, so we’ll move the tag to another nearby.

Let’s play Spot the Streamkeeper : – ).

Even with hi-viz vests on, you can lose your patrol partners even on this urban creek in the middle of the city.

streamkeeper high visibility vests

OK, here’s an easier one!