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Happy Canada Day!

A Happy Canada Day from a sleepy Sora the Cat. Chilling out on this rainy day watching a lemon octopus pasta creation on TV Japan. I’m sure Sora would love octopus, doubtful about the lemon ;-).

sora cat octopus recipe

UPDATE: Well, this has been the dreariest Canada Day in my memory 🙂.

Overcast, raining, and staying home.

For much of the day, we emulated Sora the Cat and snoozed, and watched too much TV. . .

Sora was a lovely lass, alternating laps and sharing her warmth with both of us. Thanks, kid!

sleeping sora the cat

OK, I Watch Romance Movies Now and Then

Color Me True

color me true Japanese movie graphic

Wikipedia entry here.

Sweet story, with giggles and moistening eyes now and then.

I can’t put my finger on it, but if Hollywood did this it would likely be over-the-top silly.

But there’s a tradition in Japanese film for understatement.

This could have been a really sappy movie, and yes, it is a goofy, tear-jerking romance, but it all came together, at least for us.

It was also fun to try to pick up on visual references in homage to films from long ago.

Much of the theme is the power of film to transport us to other places, and the struggle that writers have to achieve moving, engaging scripts that leave an audience fulfilled.

BTW, the movie poster is little like the film, which is all about B&W slowly blossoming toward muted colors. ..