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Rain, Wonderful Rain in Burnaby, BC

It’s not too often that we want rain here on the west coast of British Columbia. But it’s been so dry for so long that today’s steady drizzle is a welcome respite.

The air smells fresh and the balcony plants and ravine forest are sucking up moisture.

We’re fortunate that this welcome precipitation has arrived as a slow, steady drizzle. With it being dry for so long, a downpour would have just run off the parched soil.

plants rain burnaby bc

White Rock Beach Walk Bird Action

We heard there was less smoke down in White Rock, BC, than around here in Burnaby, so we headed down for a beach walk today. It certainly was more pleasant near the water.

white rock beach walk
There were several killdeer flitting about the water’s edge

Mallards in flight

Not sure what kind of dove this is. Have asked some experts. . .
UPDATE: Eurasian Collared-Dove

Cormorant off the pier

Yumi shot me on the pier

We came across this massive old log that must have been part of a logging operation

Rocker/Stool Toe-Stubbing Menace

We picked up this Ikea rocker/stool set used awhile ago. It’s in great shape and looks sharp, but it’s a toe-stubbing menace.

Those legs on the stool are angled forward just enough that we’ve both whacked toes on them.

And those little projections at the front of the rockers, while perhaps needed for stability, also attract toes like magnets.

I hope eventually it will sink into the subconscious to automatically give these items of furniture a slightly wider berth. . .

ikea rocker stool set

Piles of Potato Salad

I noticed the potatoes were starting to turn, so I made a large batch of potato salad. I’ll split it in half, leaving one container without lettuce, eggs, and mayo, and make a fresh mix tomorrow.

potato salad
This will cut down dramatically on cooking this weekend!