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Crows Harassing Red-tailed Hawk in Burnaby, BC

Crows giving a Red-tailed Hawk a warm welcome to the ‘hood in south Burnaby, BC, this morning.

We heard some action before breakfast, and Sora the Cat came dashing in from the balcony when the hawk began screaming.

Later I went for a Byrne Creek walk, and as I neared home, I heard the crows getting fired up again, so I ran inside, grabbed Big Bertha (Tamron 150-600mm on a Nikon Z50) and got these shots from our balcony.

crows harass red-tailed hawk burnaby bc

Wildlife at Porteau Cove, Alice Lake, BC

I took an overnight solo camping trip up the Sea to Sky highway the other day. Photographed a bunch of wildlife.

sea lions porteau cove bc
Sea Lions at Porteau Cove. They’ve hanging out there for weeks if not months. . .

barn swallow porteau cove bc
Barn Swallow at Porteau Cove. There were several young looking ones appearing to test the breeze.

brown-headed cowbird portau cove bc
Brown-headed Cowbird at Porteau Cove.

red-breasted sapsucker alice lake bc
Red-breasted Sapsucker at Alice Lake Provincial Park

douglas squirrel alice lake provincial park
Douglas Squirrel at Alice Lake

raven alice lake bc
Raven at Alice Lake. It seemed to follow me about halfway around the lake before heading off. . .

audubon's warbler alice lake bc
I’m thinking Audubon’s Warbler. . . There was a bunch of them flitting about at Alice Lake Provincial Park near Squamish, BC. I took over a hundred shots over the course of an hour to get a few decent ones. . .


Fraser Foreshore Feathered Friends

I walked Fraser Foreshore Park in SE Burnaby, BC, this morning for several hours, seeing Bald Eagles on nests, Anna’s and Rufous Hummingbirds, a Brown-headed Cowbird, Northern Flickers making out, and more. . .

anna's hummingbirds fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Anna’s Hummingbird

rufous hummingbird frasaer foreshore park burnaby bc
Rufous Hummingbird

nesting bald eagles fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Bald Eagle

brown-headed cowbird fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Brown-headed Cowbird

wilson's warbler fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Wilson’s Warbler

spotted towhee fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Spotted Towhee

red-winged blackbirds fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Female Red-winged Blackbird

Male Red-winged Blackbird

northern flickers in love fraser foreshore burnaby bc
Northern Flickers in love. . . 🙂

Barred Owlet Season is On in Burnaby

Wasn’t broadcasting this year’s batch of Barred Owlets, but someone spilled the beans and the photographers are sprouting like mushrooms on a warm day after a gentle rain. . .

A gentle reminder: folks, we get excited, but please, take a few shots and move along, eh? Don’t camp out for hours. . .

Today I saw a photographer trip on another photographer’s tripod and nearly go sliding down a ravine.

Admire nature, but respect it, too.

BTW, these were shot handheld with a wee Canon SX730 pocket zoom.

barred owlets burnaby bc

Courtenay River Walk in Comox, BC

I was in Comox on Vancouver Island for work, and I got up early for a walk. I’d been to the river and estuary  before as part of my volunteer streamkeeper learning experiences many years ago, and it was great to see it again.

Nice to see the First Nations recognition, and panels on the ongoing habitat restoration efforts.

anna's hummingbird comox bc
This Anna’s Hummingbird greeted me as I left the hotel property and stepped onto the river trail.

courtenay river walk comox bc

common merganser couple comox bc
Common Mergansers

cherry blossoms comox bc

habitat restoration signs courtenay river comox bc

stick bird comox bc

Lake LA-4 plane.
Lake LA-4 plane. The “pusher” configuration caught my eye. . . Online search shows it was manufactured in 1965.

white-crowned sparrow comox bc
White-crowned Sparrow

totem pole comox bc