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Nikkei Mini Matsuri in Burnaby

We took in the Mini Matsuri (festival) at Nikkei Place in Burnaby, BC, today. It was scaled down due to Covid, but it was still a lot of fun. Great food, displays, and entertainment.

nikkei matsuri burnaby bc

Let’s move on to the food!

Yumi and I split an Okonomi Japadog, split an order of shrimp takoyaki, had one sweet red bean taiyaki each, and split an order of gyoza.

Don’t think we’ll need to cook any dinner today! 🙂

nikkei matsuri food burnaby bc

Pre-Dinner Walk with Owl, Jay, Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker, Barred Owl, Steller’s Jay on our Byrne Creek Ravine pre-dinner walk in SE Burnaby, BC.

I always end up kicking myself for not bringing a DSLR as my pocket camera does not do well in falling light. . . But sometimes you just want to get a power walk in, and get sidetracked 🙂.

pileated woodpecker byrne creek burnaby bc
Pileated Woodpecker

barred owl byrne creek burnaby bc
Barred Owl

steller's jay byrne creek burnaby bc
Steller’s Jay

Gorgeous Garter Snake at Fraser Foreshore Park

I came across this beauty at the pond just west of the Byrne Creek outfall in Fraser Foreshore Park in Burnaby, BC. this morning.

garter snake fraser foreshore park burnaby bc

I was at the edge of the pond looking for dragonflies when I caught some motion from the corner of my eye and turned to find the garter snake coming down the slope toward me.

I actually had to back up to get this shot as I had Big Bertha (Tamron 150-600 zoom) on my camera and couldn’t focus that close.

Odd for these very shy, harmless snakes to “approach” you, and then I realized it was just trying to get to the closest cover.

Byrne Creek Sediment Pond Cleanout in Burnaby

The sediment trap on Byrne Creek in SE  Burnaby was cleaned out today. Thanks to the volunteers who came out to help salvage coho, trout, lamprey, and crayfish!

The trap is cleaned out every two years as it fills with sediment. It’s meant to keep the artificial spawning channel in the habitat from filling up too quickly.

We had a Cooper’s Hawk and a Great Blue Heron come by to supervise for awhile.

Thanks to Aquaterra and City of Burnaby staff for doing the netting and heavy lifting while streamkeeper volunteers ran the bucket brigade.

byrne creek sediment pond cleanout burnaby bc