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Rain After Weeks of Snow Poses Fresh Challenges

Our gutters are overflowing here in SE Burnaby, BC, as a steady rain kicks in after weeks of snow.

Checking out the issue, I discovered that the gutters and downspouts on the shady side of our home are plugged solid with ice.

So today’s morning workout was to dig a trench away from the worst spot, drop a board in to help with deflection, and chip away at the gutter with a hatchet — a task I soon discovered was futile. Will simply have to redirect the flow away from the foundation as best as possible and wait for the downspouts to clear.

I suppose I could try pouring boiling water down, but that would take a loooong time : – ).

Just checked the weather and it’s supposed to reach around 8 C today, so hopefully it’ll melt soon.

UPDATE: Going on the principle of nothing ventured nothing gained, I just spent ten minutes boiling ~4 liters of water and pouring it into the gutter near the downspout, and it does seem to have helped a bit.

Updated Snowy View From Our Balcony

So far we’ve had 11 cm of snow accumulate on our balcony in SE Burnaby since it began falling again yesterday morning. I know that’s not much compared to many other places, but it’s unusual for our neck of the woods.

snowy burnaby

Snow donut ready for balcony picnic

Careful on the Byrne Creek ravine trails — those trees look awfully heavy with snow