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Bear, Snake, Wasp, Near Pemberton, BC

A few shots from our recent camping trip to Nairn Falls. We drove up the Pemberton Meadows Road and saw some cool stuff.

young black bear pemberton bc
A young Black Bear

mashed snake
Came across this unfortunately mashed wee snake near the bridge crossing the Lillooet River just off the Pemberton Meadows Road.

tree snake
Some creative person added eyes and a forked tongue to this fallen tree between Nairn Falls and One Mile Lake.

corn cob wasp
When uninvited guests arrive at the picnic table, sometimes it’s best to give them their own place setting : – ) . . .

Yellow Warbler in South Burnaby

I was coming home from the post office, and caught a flash of yellow zooming into the forest next to our garage. I got out, watched and waited. . . and success!

Max 40X optical zoom on my wee Canon SX730HS and tight cropping.

BTW, thanks to my Facebook friends who come to my rescue when I’m not sure what kind of bird I’ve “shot.”

yellow warbler south burnaby bc

Burnaby Mountain Sunset

There were a lot of people on Burnaby Mountain tonight. Long weekend? Hoping to see the Northern Lights? That didn’t pan out, but it was a lovely sunset.

Burnaby Mountain sunset

This is a series of shots taken of downtown Vancouver from the mountain, with deliberate variations in focus. . .

Playground of the Gods at night