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Cold, Windy Day at Mud Bay Park in Surrey, BC

We’d never been to Mud Bay Park in south Surrey, BC, so decided to check it out today.  It was windy and cold, so we didn’t tarry, but we did see dunlins and eagles.

bald eagles mud bay park surrey
You can see the wind ruffling the feathers on this majestic eagle

feathers mud bay

dunlins mud bay park surrey
They don’t call it Mud Bay for nuthin’ : – ). This is part of one the most important migratory bird areas in the world.

red legged Yumi
A rare sighting of the Red-Legged Yumi : – )

paul cold windy day
Moi embracing the cold. . .

Actually it was plus 5 C or so, but there was a cutting wind

Contemplating New Career in IT Consulting

I ought to go into IT consulting.

Wife cannot log into her computer. Help!

I go to her room, and while she’s getting a cup of tea, I jiggle the mouse, pull a USB drive out of a USB port, pull a hair out of my nose, and voila, computer is awake and responding.

I would normally charge $200, but because I’m not sure how I fixed the problem, it must have involved some element of wizardry, so I think the bill ought to be $400.

Not to mention the sacrifice of a nose hair. . . 

Considering Getting a New Notebook, or Perhaps iPad

I gave it another six months, but my aging ASUS UL30A notebook computer is getting flakier. I’m the secretary for an org at which the ASUS was recently connected to a projector for 3 days of meetings, presentations, and note taking, and it barely survived, crawling along.

I’ve considered doing a fresh backup, reformatting the HD, and reinstalling everything, but I’m feeling that would just be a waste of time. It would still be a poky machine with limited screen resolution.

I got it in November 2010, so over eight years out of a notebook computer is pretty good.

I’m now vacillating between shelling out for a Lenovo machine (I’ve always liked Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad keyboards), or perhaps going for an iPad with a Smart Keyboard.

The iPad combo would be super portable, the other would have more storage, more connectivity options, etc. I want an IPS screen for photo work, which the iPad has, and which you can get on Lenovos.

Decisions, decisions.. .

UPDATE (2/18): Ended up ordering a Dell G3 8GB/1TB with FHD IPS screen for about 2/3 the price of a similarly configured Thinkpad or less than half the price of a Macbook Pro. It’ll do for me.

Sunshine, Snow on North Vancouver Ramble

I had an errand to run on the north shore, so I took Skytrain and Seabus, and then walked about half an hour to my destination, and about half an hour back to Lonsdale Quay.

It was a gorgeous day for a stroll!

vancouver lonsdale seabus

UFO over Canada Place : – )

UPDATE: 2/16 — I couldn’t bring myself to share on that day, but this north shore stroll was to pick up Choco’s cremated ashes.

As I was heading home, I got a text from Yumi as to how the pickup was going, and I said: “we’re just getting on the SeaBus to come home.”

I like that auto-thought. The reflexive “we.”

And Choco is home, in her little cedar box.

And we shall love her forever.

Flicker Action on Burnaby Balcony Feeder


That’s the sound a larger bird makes when it lands on the feeder suction-cupped to a window on our balcony. So I knew there was something attracted to the food on this snowy south Burnaby day other than chickadees and LBBs (little brown birds : – ).

I grabbed a mediocre photo with my cell phone, then went downstairs to get the DSLR with Big Bertha mounted on it.

Of course the flicker was gone by the time I got back, but. . .

I snoozed by the fire with Big Bertha in my lap, er, I mean I watched vigilantly, and success!

This is about the comfiest wildlife photography I’ve done : – )