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Canadians, Now Is the Time to Stand Up to Racism

We should always stand shoulder to shoulder against racism, but in these times we need to be even more on guard.

As more reports of racist abuse appear related to Covid, I vow to speak up to any assholes exhibiting such behavior. .

In person.

Every time.

We cannot, and will not, allow such behavior to blossom.

Canadians are better than this.

Don’t behave like an asshole, eh?

Why Are Folks Drooling Over Shoes on LinkedIn?

So I popped over to the increasingly irrelevant LinkedIn to hopefully glean some wisdom about business in these trying times, and was smacked with a thread of folks drooling over some stupidly crippling high-heeled shoes that only the 1% could afford.

And drooling over the model’s legs. . .

I understand folks are hyper and nervous and whatever. But jeez, could we be adults?

If that post and responses had appeared on any internal business LAN, the poster would likely have been in deep shit.

Let’s Please Keep Religion Out of Covid

I was shocked to see a post on Facebook tonight along the lines of  “If I get Covid, I’ll pass it along to all the atheists.”

That’s very Christian of you. Or whatever your religion is.

I’ve known lots of wonderful Christians, lots of wonderful Jews, lots of wonderful Muslims, and yes, lots of wonderful atheists.

I lived in Japan for 14 years where folks have an easygoing attitude. about religion. There’s a saying there that you’re born Shinto, marry Christian, and die Buddhist. (Not to mention that Buddhist sects there had religious wars. . . )

Anyway, in my on-the-ground experience, folks of all of the above persuasions have stepped up to volunteer in our Canadian communities, serving on volunteer boards, helping with neighbourhood cleanups. . .

To even imply anything other is shameful.