Soggy Sea to Sky Overnight Camping Trip

Wow, this overnighter produced the fewest photos I’ve ever taken on a Sea to Sky trip!

Rain, rain , rain. . .

I camped at Nairn Falls for one night, got the tent up and covered with addtional tarp protection before the rain began. Was snug and dry inside, and fortunately there was a break in the rain for takedown in the morning.

Even had an hour or two of a small campfire in the evening. Park staff were very diligent about warning folks about keeping their fires small, never leaving them unattended, and having a bucket of water handy. I suspect bans will be coming into place soon, it’s dry out there.

Talking with the camground staff and locals, everyone is happy with the soaking today. It’s badly needed.

Gloomy One Mile Lake
Gloomy One Mile Lake just south of Pemberton

deer near pemberton
Deer inspecting power lines near Pemberton 🙂